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Along these lines I'd like to recommend a recent disc by Jessica Lurie that is not being widely distributed.
It's called Licorice and Smoke, and features not only Jessica's fine sax and flute playing, but she sings on about half the tracks, which she also wrote words and music for.  The vocals are a real revelation.  Not jazz vocals by any means, but she has a rich, evocative, kind of mysterious voice that is perfect for these little portraits of unusual people, places and moods.  The instrumentals range from middle eastern melodies to modern electric jazz.  Nels Cline plays guitar and Scott Amendola is the drummer!
If you don't know her work, she is in the Living Daylights, an excellent Seattle based trio, and other groups.  Contact Jessica through www.Jessicalurie.com and she'll be glad to send you a copy.
I get phone calls every time I play any of the vocals on here.
Gary Funston
WTJU, Charlottesville
.....I'm also glad that I see more and more 
programmers walking that delicate line in presenting the truly creative and 
interesting material while serving the needs of their audiences. 
  Jae Sinnett
  WHRV FM   


Hi Jpl'ers,

In the interest of perhaps starting some dialougue I thought I'd share a few 
recent releases that I personally find excellent and am playing at home and 
in the car a lot.

In no particular order:

Frank Gambale - Natural High
Jack DeJohnette/Bill Frisell - The Elephant Sleeps But Still Remembers
Steve Khan - The Green Field
Arthur Kell Quartet - Traveller
Ingrid Jensen - At Sea
Gerald Beckett - FluteVibes
Manuel Valera - Meloncolia

Keeping Jazz alive in Central Wisconsin,


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