[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic" Valentine's Special, WCVF-FM, 2/10/06

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 10 17:08:59 EST 2006

Today was the first annual "General Eclectic" Valentine's
Special. Hit of the day was the Loose Acoustic Trio's "Marry
Me." One listener said it was "a hoot" (and it is), another
called it "cute." Other caller favorites were Mike Dugan &
Blues Mission, Jim Photoglo, Kol Oud Tof Trio, and Kiran
Ahluwalia. To the list:

HOUR #1:
Monroe Crossing - Rose of My Heart - Somebody Like You

Andrea Wolper - Crazy Love - The Small Hours

Arlon Bennett - Love Is a Word - The Watch Man

Marc Douglas Berardo - So, Regarding Me and You - Harbor

Loose Acoustic Trio - Marry Me - Brand New Mind

Michael Holloman - Love Is Everywhere - Springtime In Our

Joe Blanda - Take Me To Heaven - The Moon In the Man

Yellow Room Gang - When You Think You're Alone - Yellow Room
Gang, Volume 1

Gibson Brothers - Walking With Joanna - Red Letter Day

Nighthawk Band - Sunny Day in Tennessee - Nighthawk

Venetia Sekema - Since You - Lucky Numbers

David Gogo - Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Skeleton Key

Cole Broderick - I Love You . . . With All My Heart - In A

Walker Ikard - You Put the Sunshine Back in My Life - I'm
Gonna Write a Song About Mama

Pyeng Threadgill - Jitterbug Waltz - Of the Air

HOUR #2:
Bill Petterson - When the Evening Comes - Parts and Labor

Jeffry Braun - Hang in the Balance - Rust and Rain

Fremonts featuring Mighty Joe Milsap - Real Combination For
Love - Mighty Crazy

Diane Marino Quartet - This Can't Be Love - A Sleepin' Bee

Allah Ali & Kosmic Flight - Never Been Hurt By You - demo

Frank Jackson Trio - All the Things You Are - I Should Care

Gloria Attoun - Cosmic Love Song - Seeds

Mika - Bel Fanm - Putuimayo Presents The Caribbean

Mike Dugan & Blues Mission - When Things Aren't Right With
You (Bernadette's Song) - Mission Accomplishesd

Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike - That's What Love Can Do -
That's What Love Can Do

Dan Hazlett - Only Love - Water Over Stone

James McVay - We - Heroes on the Homefront

Jamie Sparks - Everything To Me - Fun Tonight

Fremont John - One Love - Timeline

HOUR #3:
Jim Photoglo - That's Love To Me - Sparks in the Radio

Laurie Morvan Band - Let Me Love You Baby - Find My Way Home

Vic Sadot - Need To Know - Broadsides & Retrospectives

Kol Oud Tof Trio - Dezile Al Mi Amor - Rough Guide to the
Music of Israel

Kiran Ahluwalia - Meri Gori Gori - Kiran Ahluwalia

Bonnie Koloc - Dancin' in the Kitchen - Here To Sing

Kitka - Duynel Idi Ut Oftcetya - Voices on the Eastern Wind

Craig Sonnenfeld - Sweet Liza Jane - Storm Clouds Rising

Elliott Ranney - A Good Life - Aging Sailor's Dream

Barry McLoughlin - You and I - Pieces

Lori Cullen - You Fascinate Me So - Calling For Rain

Tracy Jane Comer - Take Me to the Mountain - Quietly There

Amarosa - Dame Tu Amor - Amarosa

The flow of world-music releases arriving here has slowed to
a trickle, but it's still very popular with our listeners.
We could use a little help in that direction.
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