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	Jazz Spins w/e 02/16/06
	Jazz Music Director: David Eisenman
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Spins	Artist	Album	Label
	New Adds: NP new promotional; SA station acquired

NP	Charlie Hunter	Copperopolis	Ropeadope
NP	Cyrus Chestnut	Genuine Chestnut	Telarc
NP	Kim Nalley	She Put A Spell On Me	self produced
NP	Ernie Andrews	How About Me	HighNote
NP	Monk's Music Trio	Monk's Bones	CMB
NP	Steve Khan	The Green Field	Shrapnel
NP	Joel A. Martin	Jazzical	MCS
NP	Leroy Jenkins' Driftwood	The Art Of Improvisation	Mutable
NP	Ray Russell	Goodbye Svengali	Cuneiform
NP	Upper Left Trio	Sell Your Soul Side	Origin

5	David "Fathead" Newman	Cityscape	HighNote
4	Chick Corea	The Ultimate Adventure	Stretch
4	Larry Goldings	Quartet	Palmetto
4	Paul Motian	Garden Of Eden	ECM
3	Larry Willis	The Big Push	HighNote
3	Oliver Lake	Live	Passin' Thru
3	Tony Monaco	East To West	Chicken Coup
3	Jae Sinnett	The Sinnett Hearings	J-Nett
3	Shahida Nurullah	The Ruby And The Pearl	Alembie Arts
3	Jessica Lurie	Licorice & Smoke	Zipa
3	Odyssey The Band	Back In Time	Pi Recordings
3	Marlon Jordan	You Don't Know What Love Is	Louisiana Red Hot
2	Jack DeJohnette	The Elephant Sleeps But Still Remembers	Golden Beams
2	Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey	The Sameness Of Difference	Hyena
2	Mark Colby	Speaking Of Stan	Hallway
2	Various Artists	Our New Orleans 2005	Nonesuch
2	David Murray	Waltz Again	Justine Time
2	Carmen Lundy	Jazz And The New Songbook	Afrasia
2	Houston Person	All Soul	HighNote
2	Peter Apfelbaum	It Is Written	ACT
2	Anthony Wilson	Savivity	Groove Note
2	Yevette Stewart	The Love Project	Rhombus
2	Either/Orchestra	Ethiopiques	Buda Musique
2	Grant Geissman	Say That!	Futurism
2	Frank Gambale	Natural High	Wombat
2	Edsel Gomez	Cubist Music	Zoho
2	Roger Davidson	Ten To Twelve	Soundbrush
2	Pamela Rose	Just For A Thrill	Three Handed
2	Alex Graham	The Good Life	Origin
2	The Hot Club Of San Francisco	Swing This	self produced
2	Thelonious Monk	With John Coletrane At Carnegie Hall	Blue Note
2	Geoffrey Keezer	Wildcrafted	MaxJazz
2	Donald Harrison	New York Cool: Live At The Blue Note	HaftNote
2	The Big Trio	We Got Rhythm	Beeswax
2	John La Barbera	Fantazm	Jazz Compass
2	Barbara Morrison	Live At The Dakota Vol 2	Dakota Live!
2	Greta Matassa	Favorites From A Long Walk	Origin
2	Rodney Jones	Dreams And Stories	Savant
2	Marty Ehrlich	News On The Rail	Palmetto
2	Jerry Gonzalez	Rumba Buhaina	Random Chance
2	Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra	Don't Be Afraid	Palmetto
2	Sacha Perry	Eretik	Smalls
2	Jean-Michel Pilc	Live At Iridium, New York	Dreyfus
2	The Great Jazz Trio	S Wonderful	441 Records
2	Steve Tyrell	Songs Of Sinatra	Hollywood
2	Lena Horne	Seasons Of Life	Blue Note
1	Willie Martinez	Family	Cuch Be Witcha
1	Baden Powell	Baden Live At Bruxelles	Sunnyside
1	Miles Davis	The Cellar Door Sessions 1970	Columbia
1	Doug Ellington	Life	Llama
1	Luis Mario Ochoa	Cimarron	Cuban Music Prod.
1	Matty Metcalfe	Stridin Down Bourbon	self produced
1	Matthew Shipp	One	Thirsty Ear
1	Blue Cat Express	Spirit Of New Orleans	Rhombus
1	Laura Caviani	Going There	self produced
1	Novak & Haar	Old Friends	self produced
1	Peter Paulsen	Tri-Cycle	Wahbo
1	Yashmin Charnet-Abler	Jobin Etc	self produced
1	Lalo	Half Moon	self produced
1	Radam Schwartz	Conspiracy For Positivity	Blue Ark
1	Ken Hatfield	String Theory	Arthur Circle
1	Sherri Roberts	The Sky Could Send You	Blue House
1	Amina Figarova	September Suite	Munich
1	Patty Waters	Complete ESP-Disk Recordings	ESP-Disk
1	Chris Stewart	Phoenix	Tempest
1	Hiromi	Spiral	Telarc
1	Bob Lark	Until You	Hallway
1	Angelo LaTona	Unveiled	Mia Mind
1	Tineke Postma	For The Rhythm	215 Records
1	Alan Broadbent	Round Midnight	Artistry
1	Enrico Rava	Tati	ECM
1	The Vandermark 5	The Color Of Memory	Atavistic
1	Claudia Ulla Binder/ Weber/ Ulrich	Box	Origin
1	Warren Smith	Race Card	Freedom Art
1	Brad Wheeler	The Future Was Yesterday	Origin
1	Laura Welland	Dissertation On The State Of Bliss	OA2
1	Sonido Isleno	Vine Jazz	Tresero
1	Steve Kuhn	Quiereme Mucho	Sunnyside
1	Tim Coffman	Crossroads	BluJazz

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