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Subject: Bust Big Radio Payola

Bust Big Radio Payola

Dear Music Lover, 

Ever wonder why commercial radio has become a mind-numbing repetition of the
same songs by Jessica Simpson and Celine Dion? It's not just you. Corporate
radio in every town has become a wasteland. And in many cases, it's a crime.

An investigation airing tonight on ABC News "Primetime" exposes illegal
payola across the radio dial. Radio conglomerates that control hundreds of
local stations are taking bribes to endlessly spin major label acts, keeping
independent artists off the air.

FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adlestein calls big radio payola "potentially the
most widespread and flagrant violation of FCC rules in the history of
American broadcasting." But the FCC's Republican leadership remains
reluctant to crack down against the corporate radio giants that have sold
off our airwaves.

Tell the FCC to Bust Corporate Radio Payola

This new age of payola is the product of consolidated radio ownership.
Several of the largest radio conglomerates in America -- including Clear
Channel, Viacom/CBS radio and Cumulus -- are among those now under subpoena
in a criminal investigation by the New York State Attorney General Eliot

Spitzer has exposed a shadowy network of promoters hired by the recording
industry to launder hundreds of millions in cash and prizes each year,
lining the pockets of big radio broadcasters who agree to spin corporate
acts nationwide.

"They thought the FCC was asleep, and they shot someone in front of the
policeman," Adelstein tells ABC News. "The policeman is obligated to act
when evidence is so clear."

Tell the FCC to Stop the Abuse of Our Airwaves

The airwaves belong to the public -- not the media companies with the
fattest wallets. Any broadcaster in violation of payola statutes could face
severe FCC sanctions and even the loss of their broadcast licenses.

But the FCC won't act unless they feel pressure from you. Please take action


Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press

P.S. Activists, musicians, students and independent broadcasters are joining
with Free Press to stop payola and reclaim the public airwaves. Learn more
at www.freepress.net/payola <http://www.freepress.net/payola> .

P.P.S. Want to do more? Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold has introduced a bill
to stop record labels from paying off radio stations in exchange for
airplay. Urge your senators
<http://www.freepress.net/action/callcongress.php?a=feingoldpayola>  to
co-sponsor the "Radio and Concert Disclosure and Competition Act" (S. 2058).


Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):
Deborah Tate 
Jonathan Adelstein 
Kevin Martin 
Michael Copps 

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: Bust Big Radio Payola

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

Recent investigations by the New York State Attorney General's office have
revealed widespread violations of laws against radio payola.

Nearly 200 stations were implicated. Many are owned by the handful of radio
conglomerates that have risen to prominence since the industry was
deregulated in 1996.

The investigation alleges that the stations in question accepted cash and
prizes to play artists that were hand-picked by major recording labels. The
radio stations aired these without disclosing to listeners the shadowy
record deals that pushed the performers to the top of playlists.

This practice is not only dishonest, it's against the law. The airwaves
belong to the public, and since 1927, the federal government has required
broadcasters who use them to serve the public interest. You owe it to the
American public to put a stop to this deception.

Please launch a full and thorough investigation into all allegations of
payola in the commercial radio industry and hold bad actors accountable.


Your Name

Take Action! 

Click here to take action
<http://action.freepress.net/campaign/payola/i785b8d20jnb5tm?>  on this

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

What's At Stake:
Learn more about the Free Press campaign against payola: Big Radio Sells Out
<http://www.freepress.net/payola/> .

Campaign Expiration Date:
March 15, 2006 

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