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The festival promotion companies and organizers supposedly know the music and the audience.
The words Jazz Festival conjur an image of big crowds and [potential] profit making events.
If the word jazz can be kidnapped and still kept hostage 30+ years after instrumental_pop_music somehow decided to call itself *smooth jazz* then hijacking *jazz festival* to put a bunch of non-jazzers on the bill is the sorry next step in this evolution.
Plus+ [IMO] every star rocker and well known musician outside of jazz would love the hook of being on the bill at a New Orleans event; the hip slick and cool place to go and play simply because it's in the headlines, and I'll just wager work at a reduced fee.
Mike Schwartz/KSJS
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Hmmmm.....maybe it's me that's living in a parallel universe but Bob Dylan, 
Lionel Richie, Keith Urban, etc.......at the New Orleans Jazz Festival? I 
realize so called jazz festivals have change dramatically over the years - 
mainly due to the deaths of so many marquee jazz names and so little attention 
paid to the upcoming young jazz stars over the years on these festivals - now 
not so young - but come on folks. They couldn't do better than that in 
representing this great music in this great music city?
  Jae Sinnett

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