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JAE SINNETT "The Sinnett Hearings" J-Nett

Friday, February 17, 2006; WE08

JAE SINNETT"The Sinnett Hearings"J-Nett

"THE SINNETT Hearings" flies in the face of that old joke about drummers: 
The best way to silence them is to pass out sheet music.

Composition is the focus here, tunes with fresh melodies, sophisticated 
harmonies and odd meters. Virginia-based drummer Jae Sinnett, well-known to 
area jazz fans, wrote all the pieces, and there isn't one that sounds as if 
it were expressly designed to showcase his muscle behind the kit. Even "What 
Elvin Left," a nearly 11-minute tribute to the late powerhouse drummer Elvin 
Jones, is chiefly notable for the way Sinnett evokes Jones's sly shuffle 

None of this will shock anyone familiar with Sinnett's recordings, since he 
has displayed his gift for composing on previous releases. But "The Sinnett 
Hearings" nevertheless stands out, mostly because the frequent twists in 
meter offer plenty of surprises. From the opening track, the aptly titled 
"Palpitations," Sinnett the composer keeps Sinnett the drummer from falling 
into one groove for very long.

Clearly, the music also inspired Sinnett's session mates. Pianist Allen 
Farnham and bassist Terry Burrell, who round out Sinnett's trio and are 
closely attuned to his compositional tacks, are featured along with three 
guests: reedman Steve Wilson, trumpeter John D'earth and the young pianist 
Justin Kauflin. "First Impressions," Kauflin's sole cameo, is poetic and 
rhapsodic by turns, but the album's highlights generally find the horns out 
front, balancing angular themes with fluid improvisations, before Farnham 
eloquently chimes in.

-- Mike Joyce

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