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I want to respond to your recent comment re: classical music and jazz 

I occasionally play various selections from an EMI Classics cd of the Ahn 
Trio that was released in 2000.  It consists of a piano, violin, cello trio 
(the sisters) plus percussion on some cuts.  The composers include Astor 
Piazzolla, Leonard Bernstein, Eric Ewazen and Henjji Bunch.  Hearing any cut 
on the cd, most people likely would say, "That's classical music."

It is a fact that I get better phone reaction from playing this cd than just 
about anything else.  I don't think it's because these people secretly 
prefer "classical" music to jazz, but that the music really sounds good to 
them and they, like me, don't give a damn whether it's considered jazz or 
not.  It just sounds good to them and they want to let you know they 
appreciate hearing it.  It's really that simple

Sometimes I think we get much more genre-obsessed than our listeners are.  
It's also interesting to note that I've never gotten a call from the jazz 
police telling me I'm under arrest for living outside the format.  And if I 
did get those calls I wouln't worry because they don't have arrest powers 

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Bob Rogers

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