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Bobby Jackson ftapache1 at
Thu Jul 6 16:05:31 EDT 2006

Hi Ed,

It's not the whole least, not yet.  Sadly enough I must 
add to this dismal story.  WCPN-FM/ Cleveland, OH as of July 2nd dropped 
approximately 30 music programming hours from its weekly schedule including 
Jazz Tracks, Jazz Overnight and a portion of Jim Wilke's "After Hours." 
There are 16 hours of local jazz programming that remain, Monday - Thursday 
from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

I am currently taking a well deserved vacation and getting prepared to 
assume a new role with WCPN-FM/WVIZ-TV Cleveland, OH.  As I will remain the 
music director, I am being absorbed into our "culture team" that is 
responsible for creating programming on our weekday radio cultural arts 
magazine, "Around Noon" and our weekly television cultural arts magazine 
"Applause."  Some of my stories will be imbedded on our morning news shows 
as well.  My producer Andrew Narten will accompany me in this change as 
well.    I will also produce/host a major program every other month on radio 
and television.

As it is with all things,  change brings about endings and new beginnings. 
I am happy to say that Jazz Tracks enjoyed almost nine years of award 
winning production in which we had many more victories than defeats.  I 
learned alot in the process of creating that show each and every week.  It 
was a vehicle that taught me how to speak to people about jazz that may have 
never given the music a chance.  I hear from converts all the time in the 
streets of Cleveland, through e-mail and phone calls.  Creating new jazz 
listeners through Jazz Tracks was one of the most gratifying things I've 
experienced in my journalistic/music presentation career.  It was a vehicle 
that allowed me a closer relationship and appreciation for the music as I 
could craft a show about anything and reveal it through a jazz lens. 
Whether it was taking the time to create two hours of programming of 
Thelonious Monk's Pulitzer Citation, or providing a forum to discuss the 
dumbing down of the "Smooth Jazz" format or celebrating the tenth year 
anniversary of the end of of Apartheid in South Africa, "Jazz Radio in 
Palestine," "Hearing Loss In Musicians," "The Art Of Miles Davis," or "Jazz 
Photography" featuring Enid Farber, Gene Martin, Ken Franckling and 
pianist/photographer "Henry Butler", the challenge of creating unique angles 
to filter this music through was soooo much fun.

Celebrating books like Michelle Mercer's "Footprints,"  or Peter Levenson's 
biography about Tommy Dorsey or the book written by author Kevin Phinney, in 
which I did a four hour series that appropriately and in a real sense 
"mystically" end Jazz Tracks with titled, "Souled American"  there was a lot 
of richness, depth and care that went into these shows.  Charlie Parker once 
said, "If You Don't Live It, It Won't Come Out Of Your Horn."  I was able to 
put that to the test weekly and I lived alot in this time of Jazz Tracks 

I also want to thank the many programmers and industry professionals over 
the years that participated on my show.  I won't attempt to name you all. 
You gave wonderful energy and perspective that enlightened listeners in ways 
that cannot be measured.  I know this because I hear about you all the time 
in my travels.  You are the best!

My passions and energy will continue for jazz in this new reality I'm 
embarking on and I have plans to include television in this equation.  It's 
new territory for me.  I'm not going away.


Bobby Jackson
Music Director/Producer
WCPN-FM/Cleveland, OH

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