[JPL] Terri Hinte's departure from Fantasy Records

Lazaro Vega wblv.wblu.fm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 00:55:29 EDT 2006

Well John,

What can we, the middle men/women in the flow of music from the mega
companies to the people say or do that won't jeopardize our little

Corporations are people. Why do they get to act like bastards just
because they're corporations? Just because of a merger they get to
fire one of the greatest employees in the company? That's clear as
mud. There must be a school one goes so to publicly speak in such
dispassionate, impersonal, and robotic voice.

Terry Hinte's firing is the kind of crap that you'd expect from a
soul-less, break up the company and sell off it's parts for maximum
profits type deal (business as usual in America). Since that's not
Concord's thing, why? The reasons given are not, either. Either
reasons nor given. It's the kind of press release Hinte was known for
not writing. Neither article nor the president of Concord mentions who
or what will take her place. I still have her press releases tucked
into LP sleeves here in our "permanent" collection.

Yes, John, there's outrage and worry out here.  I meant to make a run
at the OJC catalogue and pick some things up before they go out of
print because there's every indication the Fantasy catalogue isn't
going to make it in it's pre-Concord form. Odds are it won't stay
fully in-print another five years. I hope I'm wrong, but then they do
stuff like this and there's nothing but cynicism and a general feeling
of dread for all of that great music.

Did you happen to notice the "Riverside" logo they used on the recent
Complete Monk and Coltrane set was the one logo used during the
company's history when that material was NOT owned by Prestige? The
art director probably just picked one, but that they happened to pick
THAT one just fastens down a middle American belief in universal
connectedness, or lack thereof.

I wish the company the best, and thank them for all the music through
all the years, but just scratch my head and wonder who they think will
do a better job then Terry Hinte.

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