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Thomas M "Biz" Bisard mrbiz at torchlake.com
Mon Jul 10 11:01:51 EDT 2006


90.7 FM  Traverse City Michigan
                                 Servin' up a 
Steamin' Plate o' Jazz and Other Fine Victuals
                                 Covering the 5 
County Area of Northwest Lower Michigan
as Michigan's Gold Coast)
39 years of community public radio


                        Main Jazz Rotation, 
Avant-Garde Jazz (AG) & World (WB) Spins
                                      for the 
week of June 30th - July 6th, 2006
                                          Spins reported to me down to 2 plays

**  "Album"  **  (Label)]

                                                                  8 SPINS

         THE ED PALERMO BIG BAND**"Take Your 
Clothes Off When You Dance"**(Cuneiform)
         THE BUD SHANK BIG BAND ** "Taking the Long Way Home" ** (Jazzed Media)

                                                                  6 SPINS

          ERIC ALEXANDER   **   "It's All In the Game"   **   (HighNote)
          GORDON GOODWIN'S BIG PHAT BAND ** "The Phat Pack" ** (Immergent)
          RIPPLEGROOVE  **  "Under the 
Microscope"  **  (<www.ripplegroove.com>)

                                                                   5 SPINS

          RAY MANTILLA    **    "Good Vibrations"    **    (Savant)
          CHIP SHELTON    **    "Peacetime"    **    (Summit)

                                                                    4 SPINS

          JAMIE DAVIS    **    "It's a Good Thing"    **    (Unity Music)
WIZARDS  **  "It's Tight Like That"  **  (Stony Plain)
          NANCY KELLY    **    "Born to Swing"    **    (Amherst)
          LDB3 & FRIENDS    **    "Blue Bop"    **    (Chicken Coup)
          JIM PEARCE    **    "Prairie Dog 
Ballet"    **    (<www.jimpearcemusic.com>)
          ERIC SWINDERMAN   **   "In pursuit of the Sound"   **   (ES Music)
          LARRY VUCKOVICH TRIO    **    "Street 
Scene"    **    (<www.larryvuckovich.com>)
          ULF WAKENIUS    **    "Notes from the 
Heart"    **    (Act Music/HighNote)
          PHIL WOODS    **    "Unheard Herd"    **    (Jazzed Media)

                                                                     3 SPINS

          BEN ADAMS QUINTET  **  "Old Thoughts 
for a New Day"  **  (Lunar Module)
          ELVIS COSTELLO   **   "My Flame Burns 
Blue"   **   (Deutsche Grammophon/UMG)
          JOEY DEFRANCESCO     **     "Organic 
Vibes"     **     (Concord jazz/CMG)
          BÉLA FLECK & THE FLECKTONES  **  "The 
Hidden Land"  **  (Columbia/Sony/BMG)
          ROBERTA GAMBARINI     **     "Easy to 
Love"     **     (Kindred Rhythm)
WB - MARTA GÓMEZ    **    "Entre Cada Palabra"    **    (Chesky)
          MARTY GROSZ     **     "self-titled"     **     (Arbors Jazz)
          ROY HARGROVE    **    "Nothing Serious"    **    (Verve/UMG)
          CALVIN KEYS     **     "Vertical Clearance"     **     (Wide Hive)
          ROBIN MCKELLE   **   "Introducing Robin 
McKelle"   **   (Cheap Lullaby)
          ZIGABOO MODELISTE     **     "I'm On 
the Right Track"     **     (JZM)
          JOVINO SANTOS NETO   **   "Roda Carioca"   **   (Adventure Music)
WB - ROSA PASSOS     **     "Rosa"     **     (Telarc/UMG)
          DAFNIS PRIETO     **     "Absolute Quintet"     **     (Zoho)
          SONANDO      **      "Tres"      **      (Origin)
          VARIOUS ARTISTS   **   "Jazz Vocalists 
Hear and Now"   **   (Concord Jazz/CMG)
WB - VARIOUS ARTISTS    **    "Putumayo Presents: Paris"    **    (Putumayo)
          PETE ZIMMER QUINTET  **  "Burnin' Live 
at the Jazz Standard"  **  (Tippin')

                                                                      2 SPINS

          MONTY ALEXANDER  **  "Concrete Jungle: 
The Music of Bob Marley"  **  (Telarc/CMG)
          KARRIN ALLYSON     **     "Footprints"     **     (Concord Jazz/CMG)
  AG - FRED ANDERSON      **      "Timeless"      **      (Delmark)
          GENE BURKERT     **     "The Jazz 
Palette"     **     (Sea Breeze Jazz)
          MICHAEL CAMACHO     **     "Just for You"     **     (CAP)
WB - CIBELLE   **   "The Shine of Dried Electric 
Leaves"   **   (Crammed Discs/Six Degrees)
COHEN      **      "Continuo"      **      (Raz Daz)
          RICK CULVER TRIO     **     "I'm Old 
Fashioned"     **     (Sea Breeze Jazz)
          DAVE DOUGLAS     **     "Meaning and 
Mystery"     **     (Greenleaf Music)
          ELDAR     **     "Live at the Blue 
Note"     **     (Sony Classical/BMG)
WB - CESARIA EVORA     **     "Rogamar"     **     (Lusafrica/Sony/BMG)
          LAFAYETTE GILCHRIST   **   "Towards the 
Shining Path"   **   (Shantytone/Hyena)
          RICK HAYDON & JOHN 
PIZZARELLI     **     "Just Friends"     **     (Mel Bay)
          VINCENT HERRING     **     "Ends and Means"     **     (HighNote)
          TED HOGARTH 
COLLECTIVE     **     "Misconception"     **     (Blujazz)
MOTION     **     "self-titled"     **     (<www.jeffgreenemusic.com>)
MAHANTHAPPA  **  "Raw Materials"  **  (Savoy Jazz)
          LAWRENCE LEBO    **    "Don't Call Her 
Larry, Volume 2"    **    (On the Air)
          BERND LHOTZKY      **      "Piano 
Portrait"      **      (Arbors Jazz)
  AG - HARRY MILLER'S ISIPINGO   **   "Which Way Now"   **   (Cuneiform)
WB - JUANA MOLINA      **      "Son"      **      (Domino)
  AG - ROY NATHANSON      **      "Sotto Voce"      **      (AUM)
          THE N'AWLINS GUMBO KINGS    **    "UFO 
Saloon"    **    (<www.gumbokings.com>)
          SHAYNEE RAINBOLT      **      "At Home"      **      (33)
          DAVID SILLS      **      "Down the Line"      **      (Origin)
          ED SPARGO     **     "self-titled"     **     (<www.edspargo.com>)
          JOHN STETCH TRIO      **      "Bruxin'"      **      (Justin Time)
          STEVE TYRELL     **     "The Disney 
Standards"     **     (Walt Disney)
ORCHESTRA   **   "Kindred Spirits"   **   (Summit)
          VOICE TREK    **    "An Acapella 
Trek"    **    (<www.voicetreksings.com>)

"Continuo"and ADAM UNSWORTH "Excerpt This!" can 
no longer be spun due to either thievery or 
misplacement of the discs.  I'm working on this problem. GRRRRRR!!!

	                             Most of the music we play is available through
                                   a link on our 
website to CD Universe or from CD Baby

55 of 100 main rotation jazz discs were spun at 
least twice. 4 of our 20 disc avant-garde 
rotation discs received 2 or more spins. 6 of 46 
world discs from rotation received 2 or more plays.

Weekly top 10 jazz, 5 jazz adds, top 10 new world 
& 5 new world adds are available at CMJ. We 
report our Blues spins to 'Living Blues' 
magazine's top 25. Our folk spins & occasionally 
our jazz spins are reported to Roots Music 
Report. I apologize for any  s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s  in 
keeping up with tracking information &/or 
adds.  It's a semi-shared task and always a work in progress.

If you'd like to be taken off this list, just 
drop me a line......(if you'd like to be on it, I 
guess I'll  have to figure that out my own self!)

Have a GREAT week all!


53 hours of Jazz per week (with a bit of 
blues-folk-world/international in the 
mix)  ***  9 hours of Blues  ***  6 hours of 
Folk  ***  6 hours of combined 
Blues/Folk/Roots  ***  6 hours of 
World/International Music  ***  A 3 hour 
Avant-Garde Jazz Show  ***  A 3 hour 
Dance/Electronica Show  ***  A  2 hour Funk/Soul 
Show  ***  A 2 hour of New Age Show  ***  A 2 
hour each weekday morning News-Topical-Community 
drive time Show (with a bit of music in the 
mix)  ***  A 2 hour Spanish/Latin Show  **  A 2 
hour Reggae Show  ***  A 1½ hour 'Live' 
Show  ***  The best of Indie-Alt-Cutting Edge 
Rock filling out the weekly schedule


      Eric Hines, general manager/music director: <ehines at message.nmc.edu>
      Tom "Biz" Bisard, jazz director: 1: 
<mrbiz at torchlake.com>  2: <TBisard at message.nmc.edu>
      Jen Medlin-Lloyd, AG/out jazz  director: <JEmedlin at message.nmc.edu>
      Linnaea Melcarek, 
world/international  director: <LMelcarek at message.nmc.edu>
      Leroy Alvarez, blues director: <lalvarez at message.nmc.edu>
      Bob Brown, folk/roots director: <folkbob60 at yahoo.com>
      David McArthur, new age director: <cdbirdee at yahoo.com>
      Michael Lloyd, rock director: <MLloyd at message.nmc.edu>
      David King, electronic director: <Mking at message.nmc.edu>
      Marco Dedenbach, reggae director: <rasmarco at aol.com>

Office: (231) 995-2562  *  Music Directors: (231) 
995-1091  *  Studio Request Line: (231) 995-1090

any of our music directors
E. Front St.
City MI 49686


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