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Tue Jul 11 16:51:25 EDT 2006

AM Jazz with DJ “A” Train
  Playlist for amjazz9
  on Uptown Jazz Network
  Website: http://geocities.com/uptjazz
  Listen: http://www.live365.com/stations/uptown_jazz_net?play/
  DJ “A” Train open drop
  Theme (M. Davis – All Blues) talk
  1.        Jerry Gonzalez & The Fort Apache Band – Ezekiel Saw The Wheel
  2.        Jimmy Cobb’s Mob - Simone
  3.        Hilton Ruiz – Misty Moods
  Family Health Spot
  4.        Mark Turner – Tune #1
  5.        Matthew Shipp – Nu Bop
  6.        Either Orchestra – Heavily Amplified Hairpiece
  7.        Charlie Hunter – Flau Flau
  Family Health Spot
  8.        Von Freeman – Blues For Billie
  9.        Human Motion - Spoken
  10.     Joshua Redman – Streams Of Consciousness
  11.     Ben Adams Quintet – Sheltered Circle
  12.     Hugh Ferguson – 300 Miles
  13.     Cornell Dupree – Bags Groove
  14.     Kenny Werner – Little Blue Man
  15.     Pete Zimmer Quintet – Getting’ Dizzy
  16.     Jim Ridl – Smile Said The Drum

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