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On Tuesday 11 July 2006 23:50, Jim Wilke wrote:
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> Well, it's not exactly a first.  I was at a performance a few years ago
> when a well-known pianist was playing a lesser-known venue (both shall
> remain nameless to protect the hardly innocent!).   About midway
> through a tune, the pianist abruptly stood up from the 5' baby grand
> and announced,  "I'm sorry, I'm a pianist and this is not a piano.  See
> (the owner) and he'll give you your money back." and left the stage.
> - Man, talk about a real show-stopper!

I went to the Regattabar on Friday night to catch Gonzalo's first set. I was 
sure disappointed to see that the club was dark.

> More surprisingly, the pianist has since played for the same management
> again, but now on a decent piano. (Probably would have settled for
> 6'10" Steinway B)

The Regatta has a Steinway. Gonzalo is a Yamaha artist. According to the folks 
at the Regatta it was his or his manager's responsibility to make arrangement 
for a Yamaha piano to be delivered. They didn't do that.

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> One has to have a certain amount of sympathy/empathy for touring
> pianists who with rare exception play a different instrument nearly
> every night and never know what they'll be dealing with until they get
> to the gig. There are a few in the very top echelon who have been able
> to tour with their own piano, or in the case of Steinway artists, have
> specially prepared artists' pianos provided in major cities.
> It's not always just the piano, though.  During a long series of live
> radio shows from a local club we had Ahmad  Jamal, Gene Harris, Kenny
> Barron, Hamp Hawes, Horace Silver, Wynton Kelly, Oscar Peterson and a
> dozen other pianists play the same piano with good results. But when
> Bill Evans sat down and played the first couple of chords and a run, my
> head snapped around so fast I nearly knocked my headphones off.  It
> sounded so rich I thought they'd put in a new piano since last week.
> Nope.... just a new piano player.
> Jim Wilke
> Jazz After Hours, PRI
> www.jazzafterhours.org
> On Tuesday, July 11, 2006, at 08:14  PM, Tom Reney wrote:
> > Pianist cancels Regattabar gigs
> > July 8, 2006
> >
> > Grammy-winning pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba canceled his two-night stint
> > at the Regattabar only hours before the first of two sets last night
> > because he objected to the room's piano, a 6-foot, 10-inch Steinway
> > Model B.
> >
> > ``He's just not happy with this piano," said Greg Herbst, the
> > Regattabar general manager, who found out Rubalcaba's four gigs
> > weren't happening just 25 minutes before show time.
> >
> > Herbst said there had been a request to bring in another piano, but
> > ``[Rubalcaba's] management was supposed to handle that."
> >
> > Last night, 130 ticket holders for the 7:30 p.m. show were turned
> > away, their money refunded. Herbst said ticket holders for tonight's
> > two shows will have their money refunded . For more information, call
> > 617-395-7757.
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