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As a pianist, I have toured and played some of the best and some of the 
worst pianos imaginable and often have had to make the best of each.
Venues where you would expect some awful, beat up piano can surprise you 
with their pianos while some of the best and top clubs (they shall go un 
named) have some that really need work.
I say, unless the piano is REALLY impossible, make the best of it and move 
on...and...check the instrument before the gig or have someone do it for 
you, if possible.
What might be a Rolls Royce to one player, can be an Edsel to another. 
Unfortunately, as pianists we often don't have a choice.

Art Tatum played on out of tune pianos with broken notes and still made them 
sound like concert grands.

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> Creating a new band for these sessions, 'Midnight In Manhattan' also 
> features famed Brubeck saxman Bobby Militello, John Friday on drums and 
> long time bassist Reggie McBride. Eighteen-time Grammy winning 
> engineer/producer Al Schmitt recorded and mixed with Hilton in Studio 
> A/Capitol Studios keeping a natural sound that compliments the straight 
> ahead tracks.
> Trained in contemporary and classical piano, Hilton contemplated jazz 
> greats for inspiration. ''I've always been inspired by the melodies of our 
> great American songwriters of the 30's, the rhythmic hooks of classic jazz 
> of the 50's and a bit of our blues from the South'' comments Hilton, ''but 
> I do think that jazz can be inspired by this musical heritage and still 
> sound cool today.''
> Hilton's music continues to earn numerous awards and honors. Her music is 
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