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Having  worked as a concert producer for a half dozen years I can say 
from  personal experience that contract riders for jazz artists are 
frequently  vaguely written & subject to interpretation. 
However, as a responsible  presenter, I always obtained specific 
clearance when offering anything  other than what was called for in the 
rider.  That included asking  Dr. Billy Taylor if he would play our 
Baldwin concert grand in place of  the Steinway (he didn't) and asking 
McCoy Tyner if his big band needed all  those stage monitors (he didn't.) 
No one likes nasty surprises on concert  day!

Rider's are also frequently seen as extemporaneous self-indulgences the  
artist is trying to get away with, like there must be 10 asparagus sandwiches  and 
mineral water back stage, and other notorious examples. I've seen this  
handled by taking out the ole black magic marker and crossing thru anything the  
club doesn't want to consider, and sending it back signed. You'd think if the  
Yamaha was so critical that he wouldn't play without it that there would have  
been better arrangements made ahead of time aside from a rider clause. 

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