[JPL] good career move

Jim Wilke jwilke123 at comcast.net
Wed Jul 12 12:03:10 EDT 2006

One of my favorite Victor Borge lines (there are many) was delivered  
with his usual Danish deadpan while standing by the piano:      "The  
Schteinway people have asked me to announce that tonight...  I'm  
playing a Baldwin!"


On Jul 12, 2006, at 7:57 AM, Jae Sinnett wrote:

> -------------------------------------------
> That is usually the process.....with the artists stipulating what  
> they need in the rider. I have seen situations where a venue has a  
> Steinway but the pianist endorses Yamaha or another model - and the  
> presenter just assumes that because they have a Steinway the artist  
> will automatically play it - or should. This can become a legal  
> issue with the artist and the company they endorse. I've gone  
> through this with Sonor drums in playing festivals or where ever  
> and the only drums available are Yamaha or DW or something else.  
> Some put clauses in their endorsement agreements to protect them  
> against situations like this - when the model they endorse isn't  
> available - giving them permission to play something else. Also,  
> from a technical standpoint many pianist aren't that thrilled with  
> the way Steinway's have been built over the last few decades. The  
> quality isn't the same and it's tricky today to find a really good  
> one.

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