[JPL] This Week On Listen Here! The Jazz Review

Mark Ruffin mruffin at jazzusa.com
Wed Jul 12 13:42:33 EDT 2006

This week on Listen Here! The Public Radio Jazz Review at
www.listenhereradio.com with Neil Tesser and Mark Ruffin, veteran guitarist
Mark Elf joins Neil and Mark to talk about his latest record, "Lift Off" and
how he branched into the business of jazz to become one of the top
independent jazz radio promoters in the country.  Neil reviews "Saudades," a
live release from Trio Beyond, the all-star group featuring drummer Jack
DeJohnette, organist Larry Goldings and guitar player John Scofield while
Mark checks out "Garden of Forbidden Fruit" from Norman Hedman's Tropique, a
light fusion of Latin jazz and pop that is perfect for salsa dancing.  Mark
also brings in recent releases from veteran pop acts with a dose of jazz in
their blood including a new Steely Dan tribute record as well as the new one
from Steely Dan front man, Donald Fagen, titled "Morph The Cat," the
controversial disc from Sergio Mendes and the first album in 30 years from
the San Francisco group Cold Blood.  Finally, on the listening quiz, "For
Your Ears Only," Neil and Mark test each other's mettle on the flute.


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