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Misja Fitzgerald-Michel
  A Dutch-born guitarist living in France, Misja Fitzgerald-Michel is one of those people you'll hear about because of his chops: he plays fast, with a dry, resonant jazz-guitar tone. But before we reward speed, which is meaningless by itself, let's reward a well-made record, "Encounter," just released in the United States on Sunnyside. I'm not sold on his style yet. It's reflexively busy, chord-obsessed and doesn't have quite enough song in it for me. (The record includes "Countdown" and "Central Park West," two Coltrane tunes with the "Giant Steps" chord changes, which contain famously rapid harmonic motion. It's a demonstration of proficiency.) But the album has a just-transparent-enough feeling, such that you can hear the members of the quartet equally. The ingredients are nice: some solo acoustic covers of Ornette Coleman and Coltrane; trio music with the drummer Jochen Rueckert and the bassist Drew Gress, who both improvise right through their accompaniment; and on
 two tunes the saxophonist Ravi Coltrane's darting, ribbonlike lines, which make it a quartet. Any more — a pianist, say — would have made it too dense.  Ben Ratliff
  New Coleman CD
  The jazz saxophonist and composer Ornette Coleman, will release "Sound Grammar," his first new album in more than a decade, on Sept. 12 on his own label, also called Sound Grammar. Recorded live in Germany late last year, it will have eight Coleman compositions, including two remakes. The album features his new band, with his son Denardo Coleman on drums, and Tony Falanga and Greg Cohen on acoustic basses. BEN SISARIO 

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