[JPL] Straight No Chaser (WSHA-FM - www.wshafm.org) 07-12-06

Bob Rogers rwsfin at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 12 23:50:28 EDT 2006

Grismore/Scea Group, Baghdad (Well Behaved Fish)
Sherik's Syncopated Taint Septet, Irritant (Husky)
Jerry Granelli, In That Number (A Song I Thought I Heard Buddy Sing)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Why Don't They Know? (Rip, Rag and Panic)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Intro/Like Sonny/Make It With You (Brotherman in the 
Nancy Kelly, Watch What Happens (Born to Swing)
Ruby Braff and Ellis Larkins, I Could Write A Book (2X2:...Play Rodgers and 
Michael Brecker Quintet, Timbuctu (Wide Angles)

Thomas Chapin, Ticket to Ride (Ride)
Charlie Hunter & Bobby Previte, Ow (Come In Red Dog, This is Tango Leader)
Ray Baretto, Summertime
Harvie S, C7 Heaven (Funky Cha)
Randy Weston and His African Rhythms Trio, Portrait of Frank Edward Weston 
(Zep Tepi)
Marty Ehrlich's Traveler's Tales, title cut (Malinke's Dance)
Thomas Chapin, Pet Scorpion (Ride)
Don Byron, The Allure of Entanglement (Music for Six Musicians)
Nancy King, There's A Small Hotel (Live at Jazz Standard w/Fred Hersch)

Ruby Braff and Ellis Larkins, Where or When (2X2...)
Coleman Hawkins, I'll Never Be The Same (Best of...)
Dexter Gordon, Tanya (Manhattan Symphonie)
Jeff Gauthier, Solflicka (One and the Same)
Human Motion, Things As They Are
Ben Adams Quintet, Sea of Cortez (Old Thoughts for a New Day)
Julia Dollison, night and day (Observatory)
Jane Ira Bloom, Varo (Sometimes the Magic)
Francisco Mela, Arere (Melao)

Ernie Andrews w/Houston Person, This Is Always (How About Me)
Chet Baker, September Song
John Coltrane w.Donald Byrd, Lush Life
Jimmy Scott w/Wynton Marsalis, Darn that Dream (Milestone Profiles)
Manuel Valera Group, title cut (Melancolia)
Cesaria Evora, Sodade (Telling Stories To The Sea)
Burnt Sugar, Take My Hand (The Depends On What You Know: The Crepsularium)

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