[JPL] More Gonzolo

Eric Jackson eric-jackson at comcast.net
Thu Jul 13 08:04:23 EDT 2006

As I mentioned I was one of the people who went to the Regatta on Friday and 
found the club dark and quiet. The manager explained to me what happened.

I wanted to mention I have interviewed Gonzolo at least 4 times. He certainly 
has interesting stories to tell. Each time I interviewed him, he had a 
translator sit in on the interview with us. His English has improved quite a 
bit over the years. The first time I interviewed him, it was obvious that he 
understood at least some of what I said but the only time he didn't use the 
translator at all is when I asked him about jazz in the Dominican Republic. 
Gonzolo was living there at the time. He immediately responded, "Merengue 
everywhere! Too much merengue!

The last time I interviewed him, he barely used the translator at all. At one 
point, the translator and I just looked at each other quizzically. I'm sure 
both of us were wondering why he needed a translator when he wasn't using her 
at her. I'm sure it was simply a matter of confidence.

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