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Jae Sinnett jaejazz at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 17 23:09:28 EDT 2006

I haven't written in for a while talking about outstanding new releases but here are a few that I would certainly put in the big "O" category.......
  The Chris Walden Big Band - "No Bounds." Another wonderful release from Chris Walden. Superb writing and arranging with cohesive in tune sections. The most impressive thing for me though with this release is the versatility of the band and the dynamic range. I see Grammy nomination all over this one. 
  The Christian Jacob Trio - "Contradictions." Firstly it's great to see someone paying tribute to Michel Petrucciani because besides being a great pianist....he was also a great writer. Christian Jacob is an underrated pianist and his trio of many years now reflects the good that comes out of a group with longevity. Certain nuances are in the music that you don't get with a few rehearsals and then recording. The chemistry is wonderful with high level musicianship. Ray Brinker plays a major role in this group and on the Chris Walden Big Band release.  
  The Joe Gilman Trio - "View So Tender - Wonder Revisited." Wow, a fantastic recording! The interesting thing is that if you have a serious level of harmonic and rhythmic understanding you can take the music of Stevie Wonder and do amazing things with it. This is because he's such a great song writer and his compositions - once inside them - can take you down many interesting avenues. These arrangements are deep and logical. Re-harmonization here - meter change there.....and presto....they've successfully found a way to move his music foward with clever inventiveness and thoughtful vision. And it swings!
  Jae Sinnett
  Norfolk VA 

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