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Still Another Jazz Show    July 10

JOHN McLAUGHLIN      “New Blues, Old Bruise”   “Just
So Only More So”
INDUSTRIAL ZEN          Verve Music 

CHARLES LLOYD      “Hymn To The Mother”        SANGAM 

GABRIELA MONTERO    “On Rachmaninoff, Vocalize,”
“Inspired by Scriabin”
“On Duermete Mi Nino”

LARRY VUCKOVICH TRIO        “Dexter's Mode”   “Street
Scene”   STREET SCENE            Tetrachord Records

LARRY PASENKO         “Well You Needn't”     SOMETHING
OLD NEW BORROWED AND BLUE           bluJazz label

JAMIE DAVIS      “Straight No Chaser”  “My Kinda 
Unity Music

CHRIS WALDEN  BIG BAND     Tierney Sutton   “People
Will Say We're In Love”
Till Bronner   “Clax's Theme”         Origin Records

LENA HORNE        “Black Is”         Blue Note

Riverside/Concord Music Group   

Numbers”  “Honu”
LIVE IN SEATTLE     Origin Records

JOHN McLAUGHLIN kicks it right off with blazing speed
on SAJS. Welcome home to the jazz world's fastest jazz
guitarist. And this new CD, INDUSTRIAL ZEN, McLaughlin
spares no slack. The licks are there and the wall of
perpetual sound that made the man infamous is there.
Watch out Weather Report and Mahavishnu, he's back onm
his game, as majestic and grand as ever.We played “New
Blues Old Bruise” with some high end synth magic
sounds like the Hi Los, scat with  resultant chemistry
and “Just So Only More So.” I can dig the title
because it's ironic and irreverent so...No bones about
it, McLaughlin is the fastest motorcycle on record,
not one of those rice rockets darting and out of
traffic on the two lane to Big Sur on Highway One,
South  of Carmel.  Not so, this McLaughlin has all the
moves, fast, slow, reverse in slo mo with  celebratory
moves through ALL the shakras. What a great CD.
Reminds us of past and future behaviors. He also has
some interesting players, Gary Husband, keyboards,
Bill Evans and Ada Roveti, reeds, Mark Mondesir,
Dennis Chambers, drums and Tony Grey, Mathew Garrison,
bass and assorted others a s in Shankar Mahendevan
vocalising on “Mother Nature,” which explains why
Michy Mano in Oslo is so relevant to the  modern music
language.  There are many others who embrace the jazz
world view  as far back  as when governments were
democracies, celebrating the diversity of
And that 's why this is a perfect seque to CHARLES 
LLOYD's new SANGAM and “Hymn To The  Mother.” The
connection here is  that Zakir Hussain performs on 
tabla drum on both John McLaughlin and Charles Lloyd
It's a manta to behold.
GABRIELA MONTERO begins the next segment with some
solo improvisations from her SOLO PIANO  CD
performance on EMI Records. Known primarily as a
concert pianist, she exhibits a rare penache for
improvisation exhibited here. There's a slight Bill
Evans sensitivity, Alicia DeLaRocha entendre' and some
of the great soloists, Michel Camilo, Gonzalo
Rubalcaba, and Chano Dominquez.   Ms Montero  appeared
 with the New York Philharmonic in March 2006.
I wasn't there, so I can't properly offer a judgement
on her performance. In fact, if I were present for
that performance, I may not have been accurate on my
In fact I wold have requested Woody Allen in
attendance, so I could have consulted him.
I can only go by what I hear on this 2 CD set. And  I
most enjoyed it! 
She has that rare lucidity and feel for a jazz
musician. Gabriela Montero is very warm, personal and
accomplished  We played “On Rachmaninov, Vocalize,” 
“Inspired By Scriabin” and on “Duermete Mi Nino.”
LARRY VUKOVICH  casts a different more nostalgic bop
glow with this reimburesment of  fifties when bop was
hip all over the radio, when Hugh Hefner had his tv
show from Chicago and Steve Allen with the original
Tonight Show  from New York featruring with
enthusiasm, Ahmad Jamal, Oscar Peterson,Bill Evans,
George Shearing,  the great  line jazz pianists of the
day, as this is Larry's ambience, his tribute with
this new CD, STREET SCENE.    In those days,  all tv
was black and white and if you've ever  seen
kinescopes of those performances , then you're in the
noir of Larry Vukovich and after the fifth replay of
“Street Scene,” you'll catch my drift. Vockovich tempo
is subtle, sophisticated and down...In those days,
clubs all over the country featured this music and as
your imagination may tell you, there's an audience in
the background  here thats attentive, inspired with
conversation.  All you need is to get into this CD and
let Vockovich take you back  to a cigarette cotiere of
Seven and Seven's, as you drown yourself with the
divinity of a brief sensual affair, to mild blues
sophistication of Red Garland, Hank Jones and Tommy
Flanigan, as you try to forget and dwell in your
devine dispair, like Alan Ladd, Humphrey Bogart,
Robert Taylor, and Gary Cooper would do.  You'll note
this ambience is aided and abetted by a great rhythmn
section for the occasion, Larry Grenadier and Akira
Tana and you'll can't ask for a more perfect setting
for Vuckovich, who's well schooled in this sort of
Guitarist GREG PASENKO  adds a rawness with SOMETHING,
OLD NEW BORROWED AND BLUE through the living room
window back to those late nights when the band takes a
break and he sits comfortably on a stool bathed in a
Kleeko light and plays  the last set just for you,
selections that relate to your fragile history, songs
he knows you love with scribbled prose of your
personal friends and lovers of the night as your mind
dances in your most inspired universe.    
We played Monk's  “Well You Needn't”  to conclude the
first hour.
San Frasncisco singer JAMIE DAVIS kicks it to start
the second hour SAJS from his new CD,  IT'S A GOOD
THING.   Davis has a vocal timber that has a rarity of
an Arthur Prysock, a soul-ability of  Jon Lucien and
the relaxin' swing of Joe Williams and a hip show of
faith with “I Got The World On A String” arranged by
Allyn Ferguson and “Night And Day”  arranged by Tom
Hart as these are very savoy new arrangements.
Remember I mentioned Arthur Prysock?  That same
swagger is most present.  “Besame Mucho”  is superior
and a Jerry Butler with a grand piano. We played the
Davis version of “Straight No Chaser”  and it's so hip
and cool, arranged by san Francisco's own Marcus
Shelby. This guy Jamie Davis has a great inner clock!
You'll hear it. And it's explosive.  “My Kinda Love”
is next, again it's a Tom Hart arrangement, Nelson
Riddle noir. This CD has many great past times as it's
balls out big band, great 7 -1l dice on a roll' so be
the first hip new person in your neighborhood to be
with Jamie Davis.
PS We get a lot of stuff over the over the desk and
this new JAMIE DAVIS, IT'S A GOOD THING is for real.
CHRIS WALDEN big band follows with vocalist Tierney
Sutton singing “People Will Say We're in Love.”  Is
that from Oklahoma?   My hazy is amazy!  Old tapes
surface on Gordan McRea and an actress to named later
singing this marvelous sdng at a company picnic in the
fifites Tulsa...Or was it a movie?   
Forgive  me, I saw A SCANNER DARKLY this weekend and
the animation is still burned in my frontal lobe ,
equidistant between the right and left hemisphere.
So there you have it.............
However, Tierney's version is very -icons on the
freeway-  hip.  Chris Walden is fast becoming OUR MAN
IN HOLLYWOOD.  But don't rely on me,  check the TEVO
BRAIN of your daily activities. Replay your ole
LENA HORNE concludes this segment with a fine version
of “Black Is.” This is the self titled CD on Blue
Note. Guitarist Rodney Jones produced this CD with
love and dedication. 
What can you say about Lena Horn, if you've been
around awhile.
She's a Goddess - Divine Lady of Jazz, an obvious
tradition in the making. 
And a so down to earth person.
What would she say if her grand kids were involved in
structured activities that simplify into the grey
matter of our ani-social brains?
Live and let live, no doubt.

The legendary, not to be accused as being Apothecary,
remastered CD of  Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane,
We played the gospel inspired ABIDE WITH ME, featuring
the horn section, minus Thelonius Monk, Wilbur Ware
and Art Blakey.
Then the seven pieces of...conjugate to Monk's
They are Ray Copeland, trumpet, Gigi Gryce, alto
saxophone, Colemaqn Hawkins, John Coltrane, tenor
saxophone, Thelonius, Wilber and Art to round out the
This has all been remastered and sounds great, as if
it were yesterday, fifty years from today.
JOE LOCKE and GEOFFREY KEEZER  close wth their new
LIVE IN SEATTLE  CD with “Van Gogh By Numbers” and
Joe Locike has been recording extensively over the
last few years, different venues, different
choreography's, proving once again that he's prolific,
the hardest workiing vibest on the circuit. 
Following Joe Locke's itinerary is like being
secretary to Buddy Rich Big Band's World tour, many
different locales, methods and modus operendi.
We played “Van Gogh By Numbers,” a heavy accented
vibe/piano array with Terreon Gully kickin up some
BACKROADS BLUE GRASS with Al Shusterman is next.
For a guy from Philadelphia, he sure knows his

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