[JPL] Soccer Has Defenders, Jazz Has `Compers'

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Tue Jul 18 11:36:26 EDT 2006

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Bobby.Jackson at ideastream.org writes:

Zwerin  wrote and Sonny allegedly said,

"The importance Rollins gave to good  comping can be illustrated by the
fact that Hall is white. It is reasonable  to assume that any white
musicians hired to accompany top-quality  African-American improvisers
are the best around."

Sorry Michael  Zwerin and Sonny.  I'm lost on the significance that
because Hall is  white makes him best to accompany top quality
African-American  improvisors.

Bobby Jackson
WCPN-FM/Cleveland,  OH

I'm lost with you Bobby.  I'm lost on the significance that because  Hall is 
white and Rollins chose him he must be among the best around.  I  would agree 
Rollins would choose someone among the best around.  What does  white have to 
do with it?  Is the writer assuming an African-American  improviser would 
choose someone African-American unless someone white were  "better"?  That would 
lose me too.
Susan B. Levin

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