[JPL] 4 track to cassette, never 8 track for me

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Tue Jul 18 12:38:49 EDT 2006

Jim wrote << Interesting article, but perhaps the most interesting
phenomenon is the
tendency of Boomers to think they invented or discovered EVERYthing.
Their latest discovery is:  (get this)  nostalgia.
Steve Miller, Isaac Hayes, Frampton?   It's pretty much the same thing
as their parents or grandparents looking for their favorite Glenn
Miller records. Most people can be "age-dated" by their favorite music
-  the music that was popular when they were between 18 and 25.
Programming tip:   an 8-track show for boomers!  >>>

This is very true, most Baby Boomers do think they are the creators of
everything, yet the generation before who call themselves
"The Greatest Generation" or "G I Generation" feel the same way and every
generation believes the music they came up with is
the best music ever. I will never forget when I was 16 or 17 while I was
listening to some 45s trying to decide which ones
were going home with me, an elder of about 60 years of age stepped to me and
told me that the soul music I was listening to
was crapola, that the real soul music was from the late 40's and 50's, "that
was real music" he told me. Can you believe that?
Sweet soul music legends of the mid-60s like Aretha, Redding, Temptations,
Wilson Pickett et al were considered "junk' by a man
from the previous generation. I will admit that when he pulled out a few
"oldies" 45s and played them for me, early 1950s
jump RnB records I instantly became a fan of the genre and began collecting
music from the late 40s and 50's before it was
renamed rock n roll. A music category I am still a huge fan and collector
of. Like it is said, "there's only good music and bad music".
When it is good it will always be good and when it's bad, it'll never
improve, even with age. I learned about music from those older
then me and I hope to pass the baton the same way.

Growing up in So Cal we had an advantage over most all other areas of the US
when it came to car music players thanks to "Mad Man Muntz"
and Sammy Davis Jr who developed car music systems that consumers of L A had
first opportunities to buy. When car stereos first came out
they were 4 track players, just like the old radio carts, that's what Sammy
Davis Jr had saw in a radio station while being interviewed
that prompted him to go to the manufacturer Muntz to have one installed in
his limo with recorded music to avoid his record player
skipping over the record on a bumpy road which jump started the car stereo
industry. When I turned 16 and bought my first car I purchased
a 4-track player and then 2-3 years later went directly to a cassette
player. Four track players didn't last very long as they converted to
8-tracks shortly after.

I once read a quote attributed to Socrates or perhaps Plato and it more or
less sums up the same feeling every generation has had since.
Socrates or Plato, whomever, was complaining about the youth of today, how
their music was a corruption of the past and how he longed
for the "good ole days"


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