[JPL] Soccer Has Defenders, Jazz Has `Compers'

Jackson, Bobby Bobby.Jackson at ideastream.org
Tue Jul 18 13:47:06 EDT 2006

I do appreciate the clarity on this point and it is well taken.

Bobby Jackson
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Mike Zwerin replies:

The only one that got it was Dan Polletta.
That's exactly what I was trying to say. Miles and Bill Evans is another
good example of that. The white guy would have to be *much* better than
black player who was available at that time and place - or at least
closer to what that particular leader needed for his band of the moment
for Sonny, Bird, or Miles to hire him. Otherwise it wouldn't be worth
flack, and he might as well give the gig to a brother. Please tell
that I really appreciate his reaction. And my apologies to everyone else
not expressing myself clearer.

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