[JPL] Tracking YOUR Projects

Tom Mallison tomthejazzman at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 19 14:34:38 EDT 2006

Artists, musicians, labels, promoters, wives, husbands and so forth this system can efficiently help you track and get credit for radio airplay.  It can also save you playing telephone tag with programmers trying to get the same information.  This is a model for helping yourself electronically and cost effectively.

Please let whoever coordinates your group's mailings that Mediaguide should have it at least a week prior to requesting radio airplay.

All music should be sent to us Attention: Submissions.  Do not send it to any person directly.  If for whatever reason a specific person is out of the office or on vacation it will sit there on their desk until they get back.  No one opens anything addressed personally.  

This is why it should be sent to Attention: Submissions.  That flags whoever sorts mail that the package contains a CD that must be encoded.

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