[JPL] A request for my knowledgeable friends.

Dick Crockett bopndick at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 20 02:39:52 EDT 2006

Nick Drake recorded only three of four albums in his
LAYTER, all of which were recorded on Island Records.
I bought them on AMAZON.COM.
Island Records in those days had a number of rock
artists, but in those Underground Rock Days, his music
wasn't distributed here. And yet with Leonard Cohen's
popularity, Drake's music would've been played.
Maybe it's my own perspective, because I was out of
the music by 1969.
Almost 30 years later, I'm listening to Gary Vercelli
one night on KXJZ and he's playing "River Man," sung
by Andy Bey. It was beautiful and haunting.
I make a point to buy the CD and listen to "River
Man," over and over. I notice the writer is Nick Drake
and there is a whole treatise on his history.
Around the time of the Beatles Drake was studying
classical music at I think Cambridge. 
My memory is kind of hazy.
But it's all there, this remarkable yet brief history
of this writer, performer.  
He's is a remarkable talent. Remember "Eleanor Rigby"
and George Martin's influence. 
Nick Drake took the music way beyond that.
Listen to 'Cello Song, where he has a cello , bongos,
guitar, a merging of baroque, Celtic and high
One thinks of Dryden, Joyce and Burns...
For Drake will make you weep, joyously with a
western cultural concept of modern ancient music
together in twenty five words or less.
His music lends a lot to jazz.
Note the Brad Mehldau, solo piano. Live In Tokyo CD on
Nonesuch Records where Mehldau interprets two Drake
songs, "Things Behind The Sun" and "River Man."

Dick Crockett

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