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I don't know the answer to this question, but I do know why Joe left 
Cannon's band after nine years, a story he related to me when I interviewed 
him for Notes from the Western Edge  ( http://freshearsmedia.com ). Joe had 
composed In a Silent Way on a particularly memorable trip to Vienna with his 
family - he called it the happiest time of his life. When he returned to New 
York he was hanging out at Miles' house and was running through his new 
composition on Miles' little piano. After running through the tune a few 
times he noticed that Miles was standing off to the side listening intently. 
When Joe stopped playing, Miles told him how much he liked the tune, to 
which Joe replied, "it's yours."

At the next Cannon rehearsal, Joe was running through Silent Way again, 
which didn't have a title yet. Nat said that it reminded him of a silent 
way, thus titling the tune. He also said that he wanted to record it. When 
Joe told him that the tune was already promised to Miles, the proverbial 
stuff hit the fan and Joe's tenure with the band was over.

Richard Paske
Executive Producer/Host
Notes from the Western edge

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On the heels of Sonny and Jim, Miles and Bill, here's a question regarding
Cannonball's hiring of Joe Zawinul.  I've heard comments about Julian taking
criticism for hiring a non-black pianist and supposedely Adderley retorting
Joe has the best sound for his band regardless of color. Can anyone fill in
the details of this anecdote? Truth or urban legend?

Arturo Gómez

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