[JPL] Mix-up Sends Rap, Jazz CDs To Church Campers

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Mix-up Sends Rap, Jazz CDs To Church Campers
July 20th, 2006 @ 11:23am

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- A few teenagers at the Mormon church-based Especially
for Youth summer camps mistakenly were given rap CDs with profane lyrics
instead of discs of inspirational music.

 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints apologized for the mix up,
which happened last month.

 "The content on the erroneous CD does not reflect the standards of the
church nor what we support at EFY," Gregory M. Tanner, director of Church
Educational Systems' youth programs, wrote in a July 7 letter that was
mailed to roughly 23,000 parents. "It is the furthest from the type of music
we would support or condone."

 More than 20,000 copies of "The Greatest Gift," a Mormon church-produced
compact disc of original religious songs, were distributed to teens ages 14
to 18 at Especially For Youth camps across the country, a program run by
Brigham Young University.

 But at least four campers were given Paul Wall and Judge Dredd's "Hometown
Dreamin," which comes with a "parental advisory" sticker, BYU spokeswoman
Carri Jenkins said Wednesday. Another six received a CD of jazz music.

 The erroneous CDs, which were produced by Utah County-based Media Fast, had
"The Greatest Gift" cover printed on them, she said.

 "There are probably a few more out there that we're not aware of," said

 Media Fast manager Bart Howell said the discs were manufactured by an
out-of-state vendor hired by his company.

 The company is investigating the mix up and has examined its remaining
inventory of the CDs for Especially For Youth to make sure the mistake
doesn't happen again, he said.

 ------  Information from: The Salt Lake Tribune, http://www.sltrib.com

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