[JPL] Boston Globe article on "sm**th jazz"

Jim Wilke jwilke123 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 20 20:37:47 EDT 2006

When I'm introduced to someone as "a jazz dj"  I'm often asked if I 
play "smooth jazz" (probably the only kind they've come in contact 
with).   I usually reply "No, I play lumpy jazz."

I don't know if they understand that or if it baffles them, but no one 
asks for clarification!

BTW - Chris Botti's the real thing. My impression on seeing him in a 
jazz club is that he can play, he respects his sidemen who are top 
level pros he shares the spotlight with, and he knows the difference 
between the genres, and knows the audience he's playing for at the 
moment.   If he's marketable on both sides of the fence, why not?

I did think the obvious marketing spin-off of Chet Baker seemed 
unfortunate.  It might have turned off some who knew who Chet Baker 
was, but he's not a Chet Baker clone.  I think he has too much respect 
for his predecessors to imitate anyone.  Actually, when I've heard him 
he comes closer to Miles' muted sound in the late 50s.

Jim Wilke

On Thursday, July 20, 2006, at 02:23  PM, Ed Trefzger wrote:

> Talk about a can of worms.
> The term "smooth jazz" has been an unfortunate one in many ways.  
> Botti is right, I think, when he draws parallels to Chet Baker in his 
> recent recording, yet his categorization as a "smooth" artist hurt his 
> attention on jazz radio.
> Many folks who disparage smooth jazz might find it benign if it were 
> called "instrumental pop" for example.
> Ed

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