[JPL] Boston Globe article on "sm**th jazz"

Lazaro Vega wblv.wblu.fm at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 00:20:56 EDT 2006

That was a draft sent by accident....let's try that again, shall we?...take two:

I think it's too bad that Ramsey Lewis and Bob James aren't heard on
the same stations as McCoy Tyner and Randy Weston (let alone Cecil
Taylor, Muhal Richard Abrams or Craig Taborn).

For most of the 1970's CTI records melded lush, listenable, commercial
sounding music with real jazz musicians (and used Rudy VanGelder to do
it). Took money, but there it was making money, greasing the wheels
for other projects.

Not really worrying about Smooth Jazz too much, but if you think about
it one of the big differences between the CTI era and now is there's
nowhere to go with the majority of Smooth Jazz artists. What do you
cross over to? With Miles and the huge backwash from his electric
period there were artists with deep cataloges, whereas Smooth Jazz,
which are the last ripples on the shore in Miles' wake, I mean, what?
we're going back to Buffalo with Spyro Gyra!

At least Botti points somewhere other than the golf course.

For what it's worth, Dr. Lonnie Smith's new album should be picked up
by the Smooth Jazz radio industry because it's groove-a-lishus.

And why hasn't David McMurray found a home in radio? The Detroit area
saxophonist who plays with Bob James and A. Spencer Barefield. Deep
cat, but he just hasn't made THE record yet. Somebody throw that
musician a bone!

Smooth Jazz is a commercial invention that works. Need to find a model
for other forms of jazz that work for them. But let's not call it
"Rough Jazz."

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