[JPL] jazz made the plants grow the fastest

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Sat Jul 22 08:32:48 EDT 2006

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No battery for the clock? Try fruit

Weekend € July 22, 2006

 DID you know that lime can be used to generate electricity ‹ and that jazz,
of all music, helps plants grow the fastest?

These fascinating results were what secondary school students discovered
while participating in Republic Polytechnic's (RP) Scientific Thinking
Programme (STP). 

The programme had teams of three to five students and one teacher take part
in six months' worth of workshops and clinics, with advisers from RP helping
them with their experiments. A record 34 teams from 20 schools, involving
138 students and 30 teachers, took part this year.

Four experiments received an "outstanding project" mention. One was a team
from Evergreen Secondary School, whose students Lee Wen Jing, Chua Cheng En
and Liyanto Sudarso used fruit to power a clock.

 "We imagined ourselves stranded in a jungle with no electricity, and we
tried to use fruit that we could find in a jungle," said Wen Jing. The
Secondary 3 students found that citrus fruit worked best because the acid
acts as an electrolyte when a strip of copper and a strip of iron were
placed in the juice.

Also receiving outstanding mention was Holy Innocents' High School's
experiment to investigate the effect of music on green bean plants. They
played rock, pop, classical and jazz music, and found that classical music
worked best in helping a plant germinate, but jazz made the plants grow the

 Said team member Wong Ming Hui: "We learnt to motivate each other. During
the June holidays, practically every day we had to go back to water the
plants and tabulate the results." ‹ Tan Hwee Hwee
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