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July 22, 2006
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I am passing this info over received today from Albert Haim Professor
Emeritus State University of New York Stony Brook, NY

Important Announcement About  Richard M. Sudhalter
>>>> I am  certain that you all know about the  crucial role that Richard
>>>> Sudhalter  
>>>> has played in the fields  of Jazzology and Bixology. Richard is a
>>>> multi-talented  individual: author, musician, historian, researcher,
>>>> teacher,  
>>>> critic, etc. Richard's achievements are too numerous to list   here:
>>>> scholarly 
>>>> articles in magazines and newspapers, chapters  in books,  liners for
>>>> records 
>>>> and CDs; he is a concert  organizer, radio  broadcaster, Grammy Award
>>>> winner, 
>>>> Winner of  an ASCAP Deems Taylor  Special Citation for Excellence, etc. It
>>>> will suffice, at this point, to  mention the seminal and  influential books
>>>> that he wrote or  co-wrote.
>>>> 1. ³Bix:  Man and Legend,² Richard M. Sudhalter and Philip  R. Evans with
>>>> William Dean-Myatt, Arlington House, New Rochelle, NY,  1974.  Nominated
>>>> for a 
>>>> National Book Award.
>>>> 2. ³Lost Chords: White   Musicians and Their Contribution to Jazz,
>>>> 1915-1945,² 
>>>> Richard  M.  Sudhalter, Oxford University Press, NY, 1999. Voted a New York
>>>> Times  Notable Book of the Year.
>>>> 3. ³Stardust Melody:  The Life and Music of  Hoagy Carmichael,² Richard M.
>>>> Sudhalter,  Oxford University Press, NY,  2002.
>>>> Richard¹s many and  valuable contributions to our understanding  of Bix¹s
>>>> music and  life are legendary. For one example, had it not been  for ³Man
>>>> and  
>>>> Legend,² the Bixography (bixbeiderbecke.com) website would  not  be in
>>>> existence today. That book had a profound influence on my life.
>>>> Sadly, Richard suffered a massive stroke in 2003.  Although he  recovered
>>>> initially, in the last two years  Richard¹s health has  deteriorated
>>>> considerably. Richard has  been diagnosed as having MSA,  multiple system
>>>> atrophy.  Expensive consultations are necessary, and  medical bills are
>>>> mounting. A consultation at the Mayo Clinic is  scheduled for  August 24,
>>>> 2006.
>>>> Enrico Borsetti suggested -and I   enthusiastically agree- that I start a
>>>> campaign among friends  and  followers of Richard Sudhalter to solicit help
>>>> in  
>>>> defraying his medical  and associated expenses. This is the  purpose of the
>>>> present  communication: I ask you to help as  much as you possibly can.
>>>> Please  send your checks or money  orders, made out to ³Richard Sudhalter,²
>>>> to:
>>>> Richard M.  Sudhalter Post Office Box 757 Southold, NY  11971
>>>> Those who  wish to make their contributions directly to a bank  account,
>>>> please contact Russell Shor <russellshor at cox.net> for details.
>>>> We all  owe a profound debt of gratitude to  Richard for his extraordinary
>>>> and 
>>>> life-long efforts to elucidate,  preserve, and disseminate  the music we
>>>> love. 
>>>> Richard has done a lot for  us. It is time  that we reciprocate. Don¹t put
>>>> this aside. Write your  check or  make fund transfer right now and mail it
>>>> immediately. This is   not a time to delay in taking action. Richard needs
>>>> our   
>>>> help.
>>>> Thank you very much.
>>>> Albert Haim Professor  Emeritus  State University of New York Stony Brook,
>>>> NY  
>>>> 11794-3400 Founder and  Webmaster of http://bixbeiderbecke.com e-mail:
>>>> ahaim at bixography.com
>>>> Mark Berresford Rare Records   www.jazzhound.net <http://www.jazzhound.net>

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