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<<In this article, it's mentioned that the RIAA domestic sales  figures for 
jazz dropped to 1.8% last year, down from a measly 3.5%, which  seems to 
have been constant for almost 10 years.
What I don't  understand is how the big box retailers & "music" specialty 
stores can  hype the worst types of music without complaint. I don't 
automatically  believe all hip-hop is bad or non-music by definition, but 
some of it is  extremely anti-social, or at best, unbelievably rude. 
Unfortunately, our  music is becoming increasingly marginalized - a sad 
commentary on the  state of the arts in America (who needs music in schools, 
anymore,  anyway?!).>>

it's supply and demand. the masses want artists like 50 cent and Jessica  
Simpson. but music choices and purchases are also very splintered now, which is  
a good thing, and jazz can have a very significant part of that. that means  
educating people, and also opening up our own hearts, minds and ears to living  
jazz musicians because those are the people who can tour, and make public  
appearances, and really drive the format. we need the education part to spread  
the word about jazz's general beauty and importance, and we also need the new  
music because as great as miles was, he's not touring again. touring, web  
interactiveness, interviews, and other appearances like high school &  college 
performances and workshops help build that crucial community of  listeners that 
goes beyond the music. it becomes a lifestyle and then you're  hooked for 

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