[JPL] Disturbing news

Dick Crockett bopndick at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 30 04:37:55 EDT 2006

I get really uptight with all these statistics on jazz
music sales.
Statistics can be shaped to sell an idea, a concept in
any way shape or form to sell anything in the media
business, from juicers, mops, to foreign policy, free
trade, etc.  
In this case jazz decline sales must mean a declining
interest in the music?
It's not true...
Look what they made Galileo refute his assertions.
You can make statistics say anything you want to...   
Again, it's all a matter of exposure and monopoly
concentration of the media which is a major problem.
So let's not wring our hands and look at the real
We seemed smarter in the sixties than at the turn of
the century.
This is what a lack of oxygen will do.
Take the air out of the swelling of our national
It's all a matter of how the issue of jazz is framed.
Jazz suffers from a lack of media exposure in this
The government should be involved in preserving this
national treasure which admittedly would be harder to
sell than air conditioning in hell!
Wouldn't it be interesting though if...Jazz became a
more popular in Europe and the rest of the world than
in America.
How would you feel if France declared Jazz as their
Even if public radio has  acquiesced it's commitment
and became a lost Jazz Art medium especially with the
convergence in recent years of NPR to 'spoken word?" 
Where does that come from?
Marketing has a choke hold on American thinking!
When you're begging for money you  have to justify it
in some way.
Remember, we're dealing with intangibles.
Believe me I had to do it every time.
Prostrate with statistics to beg for your compassion,
mercy, more important your money.
That's what we've become, giddy and greedy for the
lowest common denominator, a mellow drama and
hyperbole bigger than all evil to sell the story, the
morning glory. We are in a super sized bubble of non
It's a place that jazz has no business in...and that's
>From what I understand New Orleans, our national
treasure is still a ghost town.
What are 'they' waiting for...
Has our short term memory loss kicked in our loins and
then  a 'privatize' with Halliburton, shoring up the
levis, per portioning condos and casinos where the 9
th ward used to grow jazz musicians as a seasonal
The problem is more insidious than you may think.
No worry, it'll change sometime. Unfortunately it may
not be in our day and age.

Dick Crockett

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