[JPL] A Jazz Rock Fusion Fan Speaks Out

rick rick at jazzrockworld.com
Sun Jul 30 17:51:08 EDT 2006

Jazz festivals are doing well. 
Hey I didn't know that.
Well, that changes everything. 
You can go away now little Jazz Rock Fusion fan. 
Maybe I should have finished school. Maybe I don't have a clue about the
intimate details of being in the broadcast industry. Maybe that makes me
sound like an idiot. MAYBE...
Maybe that message was intended for someone else. Certainly not the esteemed
Jazz Programmers and Broadcasters of the United States. The very same people
that have a whopping (less than) 3% of the music business and living in
luxury. Certainly not the people working at companies that are dealing with
the advertising departments of General Motors, Proctor & Gamble,
Time-Warner, Pfizer, or the rest of the top 25. 
I may not have tried to sugar coat my post, and it certainly is an angry
message. But the anger is a healthy one and the message a valid one.
I guess I walked into the wrong room. Sorry for the disturbance. 

Rick Calic

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