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Still Another Jazz Show    July 24

JOE GILMAN TRIO     “I Wish”   “That Girl”    VIEW SO
TENDER:  WONDER REVISITED  Volume One            Capri

ERIN McDOUGALD       “Sweet Child Of Mine”   “I'm The
Flapper Girl Records

BUCK HILL      “RH Blues”   “Old Folks”   RELAX   
Severn Records

ANTOINETTE  MONTAGUE     “I'd Rather Drink Muddy
Water/Everyday I Have The Blues”  “Miss Celie's
Blues(sister)”   PRETTY BLUES   CAP Records

WYCLIFFE  GORDON       “Shhh!!!(The Band is Trying to
CONE'S COUP        Criss Cross Jazz

“Contradictions” “Memories Of Paris”   CONTRADICTIONS:
A Look At The Music Of Michel Petrucciani
Wilder Jazz

CARLA WHITE    “You And The Night And The Music”    “I
Have No Time To Hate”   “I'l Never Pass This Way
Again”  A VOICE  IN THE NIGHT   Right Moon Records

LARRY VUCKOVICH TRIO     “Street Scene”    “News For
Tetrachord Records

AM Records

DR LONNIE SMITH    “Trouble Man”    JUNGLE SOUL      
Palmetto Records

JOHNNY 'GUITAR'  WATSON      “Gangster Of Love”    
GIANT   Collectables Records

JOE GILMAN and TRIO with Joe Sanders bass and Justin
Brown drums begin SAJS with two new one's, his slant
on Stevie Wonder. This Cd , VIEW SO TENDER: WONDER
REVISITED is one of the hottest of  a mileau of new
 I recall Detroit radio in the sixties, when young Jim
Hampton at WXYZ and Jim Jefferies on  “KEENER 13”
aired romps of Little Stevie Wonders first hit,
“Fingertips, part 2. “  Marvin Gaye, another Motown
protege  played percussion on that :45 record. It was
a live gig and Wonder played  harmonica, along with
singing.  It was a gospel/R&B fracase.  Of course,
Wonders career has progessed with a series a fine
writings and performances, some of which are covered
here extremely well with the Gilman taste and verve. 
Definitely. Stevie Wonder has  to be pleased with this
We played  “I Wish” and “That Girl,” as both  most
certainly will get additional air play for this fine
jazz musician and professor of music just down the
road from the studio, American River College and The
Brubeck Institute at University Of The Pacific in
Stockton, where Gilman discovered these two very
talented side men, Joe Sanders, bass and Justin Brown,
The Gilman Trio captures the  'smile,' 'spark' and
reaffirmation in  Wonder's music with very new and
interesting twists.  This'll play well in concert. Not
since Thigpin and Brown joined Oscar Peterson in that
“Live' gig in Chicago” album on Verve in the sixties
has there been as the eletricity conveyed here with
Gilman, Sanders and Brown.
And speaking of the latest, besides the White Sox, 
Chicago vocalist ERIN McDOUGALD  follows up with
another two from her  new CD, MEETING PLACE  featuring
another hot young talent from the area, DAN CRAY TRIO.
  We played  Axel Rose, “Sweet Child Of Mine,” believe
it, it's all true, with one of the best arrangements
of a song  for McDougald has a soft, delicate, yet
soaring voice ever a  singer and a band as in the mood
and time signature changes and the trio blows you a
way with s ome of the baddest and strongest down and
funky changes and then it changes back to a delicate
verse. The dicotomy between the McDougald and the trio
is evocative, charming, yet arresting. FIRST, The
quality and sound of Erin McDougald's voice has rarity
and beauty, SECOND, Dan Cray's a fast, energetic
already renown piano player, who has set Chicago on
notice as one of the new of the best, THIRD: Clark
Simmons, bass, everyone whose heard him say he's
exceptional and GregWyser Pratte, drums, the
doggondest best of the new young drummers. Multi
reedest Geof Bradfield also contributes mightily here.
If you want to know  what's new and best to carry the
torch into the bright new post modern future.  Pick up
on this CD for Chicago's best of 
This is Erin's McDougalds third CD. We first caught
her glow from her last CD,  THE AUBURN COLLECTION and
her extroadinary talent.
We also played a nice  little piece from a Broadway
show in the fifties that Erin picked and since her
taste is impeccable, you'll surely love, “I'm The
Girl.”  As this girl is really the one!

This first segment is full of youthful best of the new
energy in jazz with  Joe Gilman , Joe Sanders and
Justin Brown bringing it home with the Stevie Wonder
songbook. And vocalist Erin McDougald, whose special
voice will leave you wanting  more of a good thing
that's wonderful and Dan Cray, Clark Sommer and Greg
Wyser-Pratte showing us too much of a good thing is
more to look forward to...
BUCK HILL, veteran DC tenor saxophonist  is straight
ahead and what sweet sound on his new RELAX CD! John
Ozment backs up on Hammond A 100, Paul Piper on guitar
and Jerry Jones on drums. 

Buck Hill is one of those musicians well known in his
home town and didn't want to  bother with all that
travel.   His sound is bluesy and natural as a Gene
Ammons,  Hank Mobley or Tina Brooks.
This is a CD,  full of little gems. We played RH Blues
to get your soul facing in the right direction and the
classic, “Old Folks,” always hot brandy on a cozy
Saturday night. That's what Buck'll do to ya. Get you
started til you don't wanna stop. Always a second
chance for a last dance. As I said there are other
tasty goodies here, “Flaminco Sketches,” Two Miles
tunes, a slow “Prancing” and a groovy “Milestones.”
These guys never lose their way and get us up into the
tunes with Ozment inot it all the way and Piper
stroking it nicely when asked for some more mashed 
potatoes and gravy.  Buck and his groove is so natural
it won't take you long to understand with a  sound
that's  captivating...
cd with arousing  medley “I'd Rather Drink
MuddyWater/Everyday I Have The Blues.” Mulgrew Miller
joins in on piano for a memorable session wit Kenny
Washington, drums and Peter Washington, bass and Bill
Easley on reeds. This lady has a wonderful tone and
phrasing,  and  a laid back veratility to handle any
tempo with ease. We then played “Miss Celie's
Blues(sister),” a collaborative effort of Lionel
Ritchie, Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton, who
originated the English Soul R&B band, HEAT WAVE.
Temperton had occasion to write for Michael Jackson. 
(Like Stevie Wonder the good ones are the writers, who
gain the sole rights to their material.)
The Montague will show you a side that others try for
with her vesion of Irving Berlin's “How Deep Is The
Ocean.” This duo with Mulgrew Miller is special.
WYCLIFFE GORDON, extraordinary trombonist, concludes
fron his new CONE'S COUP  with “Shhh!!! (The Band Is
Trying To Play.) A satirical delemna, that all
musicians have to confront.  This inconic Louie and
mush mouth Clark Terry territory. You may want to add
Cleanhead Vinson in there too.
THE CHRISTIAN JACOBS TRIO begin the second hour of
SAJS with CONTRADICTIONS, A Look At The Music Of
Michel Pertucciani.   We played “Looking Up,”
“Contradictions” amd “Memories Of Paris.” Jacobs
captures the incredible spirit of this man who left us
 much too soon. Michel Pertucciani was a musician who
transcended mellowdrama to a higher level. What
motivates this kind of spirit. Petrucciani had a
similar quality that Mozart had: to stimulate the
endorphins in the brain, where the movie of your
beautiful life has a most glorious soundtrack .
I don't where you put the needle down on this record,
you'll be most stimulated. “Contradictions” has that
subtle cue line to the blues, where it's all pure
beauty, nonsense and  profundity. 
Petrucciani can do that to you. Give the full spectrum
emotion. Then “Memories Of Paris” will whisik you away
in free spirit impressionism. There's a wealth of
beauty in this bowl full of fruit with light cascading
off at four in the afternoon in Autumn. Christian
Jacobs projects a poignancy in this a solo performance
that's a romance that trancscends time. 
So hang onto your Petrucciani material. It's ageless
and priceless. And covet this new Christian Jacob
Trio, “Contradictions,” too. It's pure Petrucciani!
CARLA WHITE  is next with her new A VOICE IN THE NIGHT
CD.  White sings the first verse of “You And The Night
And The Music” in Spanish then in English. The song is
natural very sensual and White adds taste to 
breathless, sort of Marlena Dietrich in a smoke filled
Caberet in Berlin.  John Hart's guitar adds a gypsy
feel to the ambience as Claudio Roditi's trumpet
expands the glow a wide screen espanol. This band has
some of the best NYC has to offer with bass player
Dean Johnson and drummer Matt Wilson rounding this
serious and stunning agregation. Carla White has
worlds of kharma and abilities as a jazz singer as
they are exhibited here. We concluded with her very
personal message, “I Had No Time To Hate,” by Emily
Dickenson.  Hopefully you're familiar with Dickenson's
circumstance, the message is evident. There really IS
no time for petty indifferences with a seque into
“I'll Pass This Way Again.” A rather poingnant tribute
to life by this very talented woman. Incidently as
youll note by listening this , it was a very relaxed
and enjoyable session that was completed  Septermber 8
& 9, 2001, almost five years ago from an event that
changed us forever.  
LARRY VUCKOVICH TRIO begins the last segment with the
new CD STREET SCENE.  Larry Vuckovich was born in
Yugoslavia and came to San Francisco in 1951 at 14
years old and in just a matter of 6 years was playing
piano in some of the great local jazz spots,  ripe
with the hard bop scene of that era and the jazz
musicians it inspired and Vuckovich played with most
of them over the last forty plus years. You hear that
experience exposure from a man whose really been there
and done that over and over again with some of the
Since  1981 I've  been in California and have heard
Vuckovich on jazz radio station in Los Angeles on
Chuck Niles show, in San Bernardino, Monetery and the
Bay area on KJAZ and the late Jack Springer's all
night jazz show. This CD is a testimonial to Vuckovich
illustrious career as a jazz pianist. We played the
great “Street Scene,” Alfred Newman's tribute to
fifties big city noir. 
You can't get enough of this tune and the way
Vuckovich plays it, would be a classic intro to an all
night jazz show. I know Rockwell would recommend it.
He is especially groovy on Sonny Clark's “News From
When  you hear this CD, you'll know you're in the
Pantheon of Great Jazz Pianists, as this Vuckovich
will give you bits of  a rare absorbed genetic tape
worm of those aereated forms who embrace  jazz as
their  universal language and Vuckovich's
improvisation and freedom.   
PEGGY LEE sings  LIEBER & STOLLER from a re release on
A&M Records in 1976. Lee sings a comic refrain “Don
Juan,”  You had money,  now it's all gone and I'm am
too!”  Liebe & Stoller fom Philadelphia were the first
rock & roll , who chuerned out hit after hit in the
mid fifties through the seventies.
DR LONNIE SMITH is next with his new CD, JUNGLE SOUL.
We played the great Marvin Gaye tune, “Trouble Man.”  
Smith builds slowly on this tune and Peter Bernstein,
plays some great  Grant Green inspired licks here.
Just so you know this is funk is all about  with
better than aftercare dynamics for you r
unincorporated bad self, that part of your brain you
hide on the shelf until the good doctor is in the 
house freeing you with divine dispensation apply
directly to the soul and let it happen so what if you
shout out loud!
This September, Dr Lonnie Smith will rock the house as
the prescription says...at The Monterey Jazz Festival.
JOHNNY “GUITAR” WATSON closes the show with his
classic “Gangster Of Love” from his GIANT cd. “Oh My
Goodness!”  It's a classic Gangsta! Fro Watson plays
ther guitar, moog, organ, fender rhodes, clavenet,
congas and timbales. Oh my....
Ain't we in a funky mood!
Oh MyGoodness...We got the prescription from the good
Bless those gods of the all night jazz shows that
graced the airways  of  the fifties to the present...
specially you,  Jim Rockwell and Jack Springer.

Dick Crockett
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