[JPL] Re: A Jazz Rock Fan Speaks Out

EdBride at aol.com EdBride at aol.com
Mon Jul 31 11:34:16 EDT 2006

Those reading (or at least contributing to) this thread, especially those  
here in the northeast, may be interested in tonight's performance at Tanglewood. 
 Here's a message I shared with the Kenton group (thereby explaining Peter  
Erskine's reference to Stan, at the end).
Now, I admit that I don't know the piece, but I'm guessing that it will  come 
closer to rock and classical than to rock and Jazz, and I look forward to  
finding out. Peter is one of my all-time favorite drummers, is committed to Jazz 
 education, and can play any genre and any meter. I've never seen anyone 
enjoy  his work as much as Peter Erskine, except maybe Randy Jones.
The appearance of Peter Erskine's name on the roster for the current  
Tangelewood Festival of Contemporary Music caught my attention. He will be  
performing on Monday, July 31, and here's what he says about the  piece:
The piece is titled "Blood on the Floor," composed by  Mark-Anthony 
Turnage, a British composer of great note and skill. First  performed it back 
1996 with John Scofield and the contemporary chamber  group "Ensemble Modern" 
... an 80 minute work in 9 movements, lots of room  for improvisation as well 
as written ensemble stuff ... size of the  orchestra totals approx 45 (20 
strings, piano, harp, 2 percussion, 2  trumpets, 2 French horns, 2x 
flutes/basson/flutes/basson/<WBR>oboe/clarinet, plus tuba,  euphonium, 
trombone, 2 sax
soloists, including Dave  Carpenter on bass, myself on drums, John Paricelli 
on guitar and Martin  Robertson on soprano and alto sax); conducted by Stefan 
Ansbury (some of  these names are Brits) — he did the performances of 
"Scorched" by the same  composer, again
featuring Sco and myself plus John Patitucci with the  Scottish Chamber 
Orchestra in Februray ... also with joe Lovano  ...)
Turnage is writing the best contemporary music, in my opinion, for this  
jazz-meets-classicajazz-meets-classica<WBR>l thing ... doing it in Lenox, 
music was researched./music was researched./<WBR>discovered and advanced in t
related to Stan's quest, in some way. "Music for Moderns"  !
In any event, the music IS modern, but also quite lyrical, and makes for an  
impressive evening of listening. Good fun to play and hear ... and the  
ensemble of "Fellows" here at Tanglewood is most impressive. Am heading off  
for my 
2nd rehearsal with the group.
Kindest and best regards to you and  the Kentonia group...

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