[JPL] Jazz isn't dying - culture is dying

S8nochaser at aol.com S8nochaser at aol.com
Mon Jul 31 13:04:48 EDT 2006

Hey Rick;
Have enjoyed you contributions over the years at the JazzCorner chat  boards.
KSJS, where I've produced and hosted a show for about 11 years used to be  
the absolute radio Kings of fusion during the 80's & 90's. a format that was  
called the "Creative Source."
As college radio we have very little ass to kiss, other than some station  
rules govrening the clock each hour. In other words, we have no fund raisers or  
revenue streams to worry about if we play something that's not someone's 'cup 
of  tea', which is always what your doing in jazz radio IMO, because the 
audience  knows exactly what it wants, which often translates into their favorite 
niche at  the expense of others.
I same along slightly after the heavy fusion days, and there was a constant  
stream of calls from Fusionites wanting more....and so it goes.
The members of my audience who are really into Big Band, call for  
that............Classic jazzers call for that...............those who want more  "Out" 
stuff do the same. Get the picture?
Personally I like it all...........I play it all, and mostly I love to mix  
it up a lot to display a Wide World Of Jazz. The audience seems to like it, but 
 maybe not all of it;-)
Mike Schwartz/KSJS

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