[JPL] Jazz isn't dying - culture is dying

Bradley M. Stone bstone at science.sjsu.edu
Mon Jul 31 14:35:03 EDT 2006


It certainly was our pleasure bringing you that music - and we still try to program progressive jazz-rock when the opportunity arises these days (a vestige of our past meeting the music of now)..... and it certainly was a pleasure to be a part of a great group of djs from that era: Edwin O'Neal, Jr., Joel Wyrick, Ivory Moody, Mike Anderson, Larry Lanehart, and later Ron Johnson, Floyd Dudley (RIP), and so many others who contributed.


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Wait a minute - I never said I could fit into mine either..


But seriously, you guys really were a big part of the scene back then. Hell,
I even have an autographed Billy Cobham album that came from your station
when I called in to answer a "give-away" question. If I didn't thank you
then, I'm certainly thanking you now for playing Fusion from Saturday
morning till Sunday night (unless there was a game) every weekend. My
gratitude is deep. Thank you. 




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