[JPL] Jazz isn't dying - culture is dying

rick rick at jazzrockworld.com
Mon Jul 31 20:01:59 EDT 2006

I don't know how to edit these messages once they're posted, so THIS IS AN
Speaking of Mike Stern, who is arguably the best known, 
and definitely the hardest working of the modern Jazz Rocker's, I wonder
how many stations are talking about his upcoming release:
"Who Let the Cat's Out" on Heads Up International (part of Telarc) scheduled
hit the streets on August 15th?
I have to give Heads up some real credit for their marketing approach too. 
They have something called Street Cats that bypasses traditional marketing
schemes and enlists the aid of the fans. 
It's an interesting thing for me, because I'm just doing what I'd normally
be doing, and now it scores points? Very interesting. I doubt it's a new 
idea, but sometimes the old ones are the good ones. 
Even this message is worth points, if I choose to let them know I posted it.

Hey, does that mean this whole message is spam? You know, I don't care,
Stern is worth the effort simply as a payback for all the great music he's 
made and the fact that he's one of the few Jazz Rocker's that tour the US. 
Ok, it's just the coasts, but at least he's out there humping it. 
Has anyone been to a Stern concert lately and watched him work? He takes no
break between sets or immediately after the show - he comes out to the lobby

and signs autographs, or gets his picture taken with fans. He definitely
leads by 
example and is bringing some of the best musicians together. Richard Bona, 
Vinnie Colaiuta, Alain Caron, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, Victor Wooten, 
and the list goes on. 
Just curious about his exposure on traditional Jazz stations - does he get

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