[JPL] Jazz In New Zealand

Mark Robinson markrobbo at clear.net.nz
Sun Nov 5 17:00:10 EST 2006



I have been subscribed to the Jazzproglist for several months now and love
the service. Very interesting to read the diverse discussions going on. I
particularly enjoyed the recent discussion on vinyl records being a bit of a
"vinyl junkie" myself.


I have not, as yet, seen any posts from New Zealand jazzers so thought I'd
let you know that jazz is alive and well down here. I present 2 live-to-air
radio shows on stations here in New Zealand. I recently broadcast 7
live-to-air shows from the Queenstown JazzFest nationwide during primetime
slots. It was the largest OB that GeorgeFM has done and was extremely well


I run a website that carries my playlists each week as well as local gig
guides and show downloads. The website is www.itsajazzthing.com


Whilst the scene is small here in NZ it is fairly healthy. We have a
wonderful ambassador for jazz, Rodger Fox, who is responsible for bringing
many top class jazz musicians to NZ over the years. At the moment the
Wellington Jazz Festival is in full swing with a smattering of international


I'd love you to take a look at my website and tell me what you think and
also co-respond if you like. Would be good to hear from anyone with
experience in NZ jazz over the years as I would like to undertake a history
of NZ jazz for a radio doco series.


Cheers, Mark









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