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Mon Nov 6 19:14:19 EST 2006

This is a beautiful and very moving album... highly recommended!   One  
of the few I couldn't turn off once I started listening.

Jim Wilke
Jazz After Hours, PRI

On Monday, November 6, 2006, at 04:01  PM, r durfee wrote:

> “Angel of the Presence”
> (CamJazz/Sunnyside)
> The sprightly touch and sonorous harmonies favored by
> the British pianist John Taylor will strike many jazz
> listeners as deeply evocative of Bill Evans. This is
> neither an accident nor a shortcoming, judging by
> “Angel of the Presence,” a confident and quietly
> potent album featuring Mr. Taylor in a trio with the
> Swedish bassist Palle Danielsson and the British
> drummer Martin France.
> It is only the third conventional trio recording of
> Mr. Taylor’s career. (The last one, in 2003, featured
> the bassist Marc Johnson, a member of Mr. Evans’s
> final trio; before that you have to go back to 1972.)
> What delivers it safely from the realm of emulation is
> a non-standard repertory — four songs by Mr. Taylor,
> and two apiece by his longtime associates Kenny
> Wheeler and Steve Swallow — and a general tone that
> could be described, inadequately though not
> disparagingly, as vaguely European.
> Each member of the trio exerts equal pull, though the
> attention naturally turns to Mr. Taylor’s articulate
> pianism. At various points in Mr. Swallow’s “Up Too
> Late,” Mr. Taylor improvises with hard tenacity,
> tossing off silvery runs and two-handed arabesques. On
> “Afterthought,” one of three originals set in waltz
> time, he nudges his cohorts toward some open-ended
> modalities; the results land far from the turf of Mr.
> Evans, or anyone else. NATE CHINEN
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