[JPL] Black vs White

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<<Certainly the important point is the artists playing ability.  The problem 
is, according to the original writer that this label apparently  doesn't feel 
like African Americans are skillful enough to be signed to their  label. I 
have a problem with that.>>

i'm not sure that's what he was saying, but the info we have is pretty  
sketchy. maybe it's partly a marketing issue? i haven't seen anything  about what 
label it is or who the artists are on it. what if the label is  primarily 
interested in marketing to say, kenny g fans, because they feel his  followers are 
more likely to buy cds. aren't his fans also mostly white? do  
african-americans buy his records or tickets? even if this were the case,  there are 
african-american smooth jazz artists--but aren't their fans mostly  white too? it does 
make you wonder why they'd only have white artists if  white fans buy the 
music regardless of the artist's race. 

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