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The same  goes for gender -- not sure  
what the make-up of the Lincoln Center  Jazz Orchestra is today but I  
do know that Wynton has gotten grief  for not having a woman in the  
core band (they already got into  trouble re: age discrimination and  
racial discrimination.)  Of  cours the gender issue is not reserved to  
jazz -- the venerable  Vienna Philharmonic is picketed every time it  
appears at Carnegie  Hall for not having "enough" women.

M 2  ¢


It's my understanding that the (American) classical orchestras, once  they 
began using blind auditions, quickly became roughly 50% populated by  women.  
Jazz has yet to do this, and I believe for this reason there still  exists 
something of a glass ceiling for women in jazz.  The LCJO and other  professional 
orchestras, both the black and the white ones I know (and I feel  sad that I 
can even say that!) still rarely include women  instrumentalists.  I believe 
it's different in the universities, but  I'm talking about professional groups 
I would venture to guess that blind auditions in jazz would produce  
multi-racial groups with equal gender as well as age distribution.  Music  doesn't 
know these differences, and most musicians I know really don't  care.  It's when 
it comes time to market the music that those  things usually come into 
consideration.  (My 2 cents~)
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