[JPL] PLAYLIST: "General Eclectic", WCVF-FM, 11/10/06

Tom Bingham mason2042 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 10 16:28:51 EST 2006

The phones were hopping today, and everyone liked something different.
Callers enjoyed the Bill DiCosimo Quartet (jazz), the chamber sound of
Against the Grain, harpist Tami Briggs, Omar Faruk Teklibek's Middle Eastern
blend, Lucy Smith (a jazz version of the famous spiritual), "roots" slide
guitarist Ben Bowen King, Gob Iron doing Rev. J. M. Gates, Lenka
Lichtenberg/Brian Katz (Yiddish), and Native American New Age from Lynda
Cole and Jan Michael Looking Wolf. The one thing everyone agreed on is that
the Bob Wills documentary radio special (which we aired before "GE") was one
of the very best Joyride Media productions ever! To the list:

HOUR #1:
Austin Lounge Lizards - Toast the Earth With Exxonmobil - The Drugs I Need

Dead Man's Hollow - Cuckoo - Two-Timin'

Ellee Ven - You Can Buy Me (original) - Project 11, Volume 4

Zed Head - Shotgun - Texas Cufflinks

Bill DiCosimo Quartet - Serenade to a Cuckoo - Grab Hold of Your Dreams

Bill Isles - Radio - The Shores of My Hometown

Eric Taylor - Only Lovers - Shameless Love

The Brains Behind Pa - The Point of Departure - Better For the Deal

Against the Grain - Lord of the Dance - Faith Songs

Afenginn - Kantate Mutagenia - Akrobakkus

Al "Coffee" McDaniel - You Give Me the Blues - A Shoe is a Shoe

Tami Briggs - My Faith Looks Up to Thee - My Peace I Give You

Omark Faruk Teklibek - Elation - Tree of Patience

Danilo Madonia - A Week in Lelant - Moving

HOUR #2:
Jen Spool - How Love Goes - Soul Threads

Lucy Smith - Go Down Moses - Movin' On

Ben Bowen King - Satan - Surely Your Evil Empire Will Fall Someday -
Sidewalk Saints

Gob Iron - Death's Black Train - Death Songs For the Living

Dave Crossland - Pearl - Pearl

Lenka Lichtenberg and Brian Katz - Pashtes - Pashtes

Brtian D'Arcy James with Anastasia Barzee - Count Your Blessings Instead Of
Sheep - Irving Berlin's White Christmas: The Musical

Lynda Cole and Jan Michael Looking Wolf - Medicine Woman - Spreading Wings

Jim Gary - Dancer's Dream - Midnight Muse

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band - - The Circassian Circle - The Ceilidh:
Are Ye Dancin'?

Bonnie Lee Panda - Life After the Happy Ending - Live

Greg Abate Quintet - Dracula - Monsters in the Night

Larra Skye - Whisper a Secret - The World Disappears

The Presinators - The Presinator - The Presinators

See you next week!
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