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One of my favorites is "Two Tones" from Sun Ra Visits Planet Earth (El 
Saturn LP 207, re-issued as Evidence ECD 22039-2 in a twofer with 
Interstellar Low Ways). "Two Tones" was co-composed by Patrick and Charles 
Davis, also heard on bari. Frankly, I'm not sure which solos are Patrick's 
and which are Davis', but the tune never fails to elicit a smile from my 
lips. This music is from Ra's late-1950s "space-bop" period and is an 
absolute delight. I had the good fortune to hear the band many times live in 
the 1980s when they would careen from space-bop to Fletcher Henderson to 
totally free freakout without skipping a beat. Under these circumstances my 
smile would appear as soon as they hit the stage, and would not vacate my 
face until hours after they had stopped playing. To my ears, Sun Ra was one 
of the true keepers of the flame that stretches back to Africa, passes 
through the American South, Kansas City, Chicago, and Harlem and forward 
into the unforeseen beyond...

He and his cohorts kept the music moving.

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> >Deval Patrick...  His father Pat Patrick, a member of jazz musician Sun 
> >Ra's band,
> Pat Patrick recorded with Sun Ra, Andrew Hill, James Moody, Mongo 
> Santamaria, Olatunji, and many others. For those who know his body of 
> work, can you cite specific recordings and pieces featuring best or 
> favorite Patrick solos?
> Larry
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