[JPL] Ed Bradley talks about KUVO

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Fri Nov 17 12:22:57 EST 2006

In last week's Rocky Mountain News columnist Dusty Saunders recalls Ed
Bradley. I was in Denver being interviewed for my present position at KUVO
and was invited to the Denver Press Club to be part of the Bradley award
dinner. I was able to meet n greet the "60 Minute Man" but my most
enjoyableportion was the retrospective video clippings of Ed's career
including rare footage of his days as a high school TV reporter in
Philadlephia and his coverage on 'Nam. In Dusty's story he talks about Ed
and his love of jazz.   Arturo

Rocky Mountain News  November 10  full story link
Dusty Saunders:

Disarming style would get to heart of story

November 10, 2006
In March of 2003 more than 500 Denver-area news junkies spent a personal 60
minutes with Ed Bradley. We had gathered in the Seawell Ballroom to honor
Bradley as the ninth recipient of the Denver Press Club's Damon Runyon
There's a tradition surrounding this type of event: After accepting the
award, the recipient normally gives an address, lecturing about the problems
facing the world in general and journalism in particular.

Bradley had a better idea: a question-and-answer session. While I had been
selected to lead the discussion, Bradley also wanted questions from the
audience. And he received many, ranging from his view of the news business
to the stories he had covered around the world.

And there was ample time to discuss his unrequited love of jazz.

The result was an informative, memorable give-and-take session that showed
the talents of Bradley as a communicator, not just a popular correspondent
on a high-rated TV news show.

A few days later Bradley called to thank the Denver Press Club for the
honor, while extolling the virtues of the Denver Performing Arts Complex (he
had traveled there that night via horse and carriage) and his favorite local
institution, KUVO- Jazz 89.

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