[JPL] Re: Clive Davis article - The saviors of jazz may be hot new singers. . .

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Fri Nov 17 13:00:21 EST 2006

Another in a mystifying series of
singers-are-the-saviors-no-singers-are-the-ruination-of-jazz articles.
Well, I found Davis' take on the subject somewhat refreshing, if only
because he acknowledges that those who are usually trotted out as the latest
saviours are hardly members of his hoped-for jazz singing avant garde.   No,
the ones who really break through, who supposedly bring non-jazz audiences
to jazz, tend to be hardcore traditionalists at best, nostaligia acts at
worst, neither of which can "save" jazz or move it even slightly forward.

The perceived advantage singers have, whether it's about the business or the
music itself, always leaves me scratching my head.  My own complaints are
few; after all, I get to do something so deeply, elementally, experientially
satisfying that I consider myself extremely fortunate, and certainly that's
an enormous advantage over what most people in the world have to do with
their lives.  But an advantage within this little music microcosm?  Hmmm.
That idea seems to be based on, again, those statistically very few singers
who hit the big time singing something we might or might not call jazz.
Sometimes I wish the people who are writing these articles would talk to
some of the singers here in the trenches.  I think that's where they'll find
out what's really going on.


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