[JPL] Clive Davis article, Branford quote

Arturo arturo893 at qwest.net
Fri Nov 17 13:43:42 EST 2006

Branford is quoted <<<<<<<<< "Musicians are always talking about, Why isn¹t
jazz popular?",² he wrote. "But musicians today are completely devoid of
charisma. People never really liked the music in the first place. So now you
have musicians who are proficient at playing instruments, and people sit
there, and it¹s just boring to them  because they¹re trying to see something
or feel it."

IMHO Branford is right on with his hat on! The masses require more than
virtuosity, there is a lack of interaction and charisma amongs most jazz
artists/groups that turn audiences off. Often, the leader doesn't even give
song titles leaving the crowd wondering what they heard, so even if they
liked the piece and weanted to puchase it they wouldn't know what to buy.
Also, in most cases groups need to play more ensemble parts and less soloing
to attract and keep the attention of the majority of jazz listeners.
Granted, they are very charismatic interacting artists and groups, sadly
they are the exception and not the rule.


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