[JPL] World Toilet Day

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Fri Nov 17 16:34:19 EST 2006

In honor of this very special day I¹ll be retreating to my favorite water
closet and catching up some reading...

Flushed With Pride: The Story of Thomas Crapper

The story of Thomas Crapper, inventor of the flushing toilet and England's
Royal Plumber, as well as a fascinating social history of the lavatory. The
name of Thomas Crapper, who invented the flushing toilet more than a century
ago, is commemorated on lavatory cisterns throughout Britain. Flushed with
Pride is the story of Crapper's remarkable life and his struggle to reform
the nation's water closets. Wallace Reyburn recounts his early years and his
journey on foot to London (at the age of eleven) to begin his apprenticeship
with a master plumber. He then charts Crapper's rise to preeminence as the
leading inventive genius among Victorian water engineers. Named Plumber By
Appointment to King Edward VII and the Prince of Wales, the ultimate
accolade, Crapper masterminded the sanitary fittings at the Royal Palace,
Sandringham House, and Westminster Abbey. Delightfully entertaining and
packed with interesting historical insights, Flushed with Pride is a little
classic of the small room. 128 pp 4 1/2 x 7 b/w illustrations throughout

> Sunday is World Toilet Day (http://www.worldtoilet.org/) .  Are you
> planning any special programming?

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